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September 20, 2023

Let's Talk about Art and the Unique Exhibitions Hosted by the Pizana Gallery Portonovi

Portonovi is focused on all aspects of life, including art as an inseparable part that makes it beautiful. Homeowners, visitors, and guests have the opportunity to attend incredible fine arts exhibitions that are regularly organized within the resort. If you’re an art aficionado, you’re in for a treat, and you'll be thrilled to spend time here.

Pizana Gallery and Its Influence on Montenegro’s Art Scene

All art events in Portonovi are organized by Pizana, the first private gallery in Montenegro, with immeasurable cultural significance and influence. Founded by Ms. Ljiljana Milošević and led by her vision and outstanding art enthusiasm, this gallery has been a gathering point for artists and art lovers. Its one-of-a-kind space has hosted all kinds of creative events – from traditional art exhibitions to art auctions, and music and literary evenings.

Unique Art Events by Pizana Portonovi

This gallery has an enviable tradition; it is the heart and soul of art life in Portonovi. It fulfills all expectations with its offer of exhibitions that have the audience eagerly waiting for the next art experience. Portonovi visitors had an opportunity to attend some very unique events organized by the Pizana Gallery:

  • Herbarijum exhibition by Sonja Đuranović brought the colorful diversity of plant collection on canvas to the resort. The visitors enjoyed the unique energy radiated by this exhibition of paintings created with the purpose of being exhibited in Portonovi.  
  • WonderCon Exhibition in May presented the high-priced, sold-out exhibits (statues) of famous media franchises based on the famous pop-culture event ComicCon. There was great interest in this exhibition that included Marvel, DC, Transformers, and Star Wars, and visitors of all generations enjoyed the experience.
  • Svetlana Ninković's performance in July 2022 called PART OF MY HEART left no one feeling indifferent. The artist is known for painting on large canvasses, and the Pizana Gallery fulfilled the intention of bringing art closer to all visitors with this interactive performance, which allowed them to find their inner creators.  
  • Happy People exhibition, by the famous painter Roman Ðuranović, was organized in August 2022, and the paintings were created based on the ambiance of Portonovi, so it was a unique experience to see the paintings in the setting they were made for. 
  • The Contemporary Montenegrin Art Exhibition was organized back in 2019 by the Pizana Gallery and Portonovi. It was one of the largest contemporary Montenegrin art exhibitions, showing works of some of the best Montenegrin artists and gathering art lovers in the beautiful setting of the resort.  

Famous Artists Hosted by Pizana Portonovi

Portonovi is the showcase of Montenegro. Here, you will find the best of - the so-called Montenegro essence, and one of Pizana’s goals is to present and promote local artists. Some of the artists that exhibited at Pizana include famous Montenegrin painters Svetlana Dragojević, Danijela Drakulović, Momčilo Macanović, Milka Vujović, Tijana Gordić, Dalibor Ćetković, Goran Ćetković, Ratko Odalović, Ivica Aranđus, Tadija Janičić, Lidija Nikčević, Milica Lakičević, Dragan Karadžić, Vahida Nimanbegu, Biljana Keković and Naod Zorić, and Rajko Todorović Todor; and famous sculptors Adin Rastoder, Željko Reljić, and Vladimir Knežević. The exhibition offer was complemented with foreign names such as Nikola Žigon, Svetlana Ninković, and Đurđica Yica Đurić.

In September, Pizana Portonovi will continue organizing exhibitions in One&Only Hotel, and the next one visitors should see is by Mile Šaula. Also, Pizana is preparing the permanent exhibition of Montenegrin artists, which is another art gem to look forward to.

All visitors, guests, and homeowners who identify as art lovers will instantly recognize the benefit of having access to such a prominent art community hub as the Pizana Gallery. And all those who don’t should still visit and allow themselves to be swept off their feet by the unique vibrations of this place.  

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