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27 May 2023

Portonovi Positioned on the Map of Superhero and Pop Culture Fans – WonderCon Arrived in Montenegro

Last night an exclusive exhibition called “WonderCon Montenegro Sneak Preview“ was opened in Portonovi. It is organized by Portonovi in cooperation with the Pizana Gallery and FiveG. For the first time in Montenegro, and until June 1, visitors of the renowned Pizana Gallery will have the exclusive opportunity to see the exhibition of high-priced sold-out exhibits (statues) of famous media franchises based on the famous ComicCon.

"Portonovi always tries to introduce something new, and we do things that haven’t been done before - not only in Montenegro but in the region as well. The WonderCon exhibition is proof of that, and we are pleased with the great interest shown not only by our guests but also by the citizens of Montenegro. We are happy with this exhibition because we put both Portonovi and Herceg Novi and Montenegro on the world map," said the Director of Marketing and Communications at Portonovi, Adrijana Husić.

The Founder of WonderCon, Radoš Purić, also expressed great satisfaction with the attendance at the exhibition, and he pointed out that "WonderCon Montenegro Sneak Preview" is only an announcement for what will follow during the great pop culture festival modeled after the famous ComicCon, which is the most influential festival of this type in the world.

"In the Pizana Gallery in Portonovi, you can see a large number of exclusive exhibits of the most famous media franchises in a format that wasn’t shown until now. These are the Marvel, DC, Transformers, and Star Wars media franchises. In the gallery, you can currently see about 15 exclusive figures that have never been exhibited before. "WonderCon is a pre-premiere for the festival that is planned to be held in Montenegro according to the highest standards required by WonderCon," explained Purić.

This exclusive exhibition is just one in a series of great art programs that the Pizana Gallery has had on offer since the start of cooperation with Portonovi, which dates back to 2019. Last night's exhibition is another indicator that there is an audience that wants to experience different types of art.

"This year's art season at Pizana started with the WonderCon exhibition of pop culture and is intended for audiences of all ages. The exhibits are licensed by the most famous media companies. It is a real pleasure to have this kind of exhibition in Montenegro," said the owner of the Pizana Gallery, Ljiljana Milošević.

Milošević also noted that in the upcoming period, the gallery will also try to engage and attract the audience to exhibitions that will be held at Portonovi Resort.

"I can already announce that in mid-June we will have an exhibition called "Herbarium," and the author of this project is Sonja Đuranović. For the upcoming period, we can announce an exhibition of an artist from Valencia, as well as Montenegrin artists. The Pizana Gallery will try to continue to nurture art in the true sense of the word," emphasized the owner of the gallery.

The WonderCon exhibition is only part of the rich program Portonovi organized in the previous period, which attracted a large number of visitors from Montenegro, the region, and abroad.

“We already see that the season can be very successful. New tenants are coming to Portonovi, new activities are coming, big concerts are planned for this year, and a series of exhibitions and activities for children. We believe that as a destination we really have a lot to offer, along with Herceg Novi as a city," announced Adrijana Husić.

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