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Press & Influencer Trip Request Form


Thank you for your interest in Portonovi.

It’s our pleasure to assist members of the press and influencers with stories on what Portonovi Resort can offer. From adventurous thrills and serene nature to room for unique weddings and events, you’re sure to find something for everyone. If you are a member of the media or qualified influencer planning a press trip or need assistance with story ideas, interviews, or itinerary development, please read our guidelines below and fill out our Media Trip Request Form.

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PORTONOVI Media Trip Guidelines:

Portonovi Resort hosts qualified journalists with confirmed assignments and needs a minimum of four weeks advance to further facilitate any request. Requests will be evaluated based on scope of coverage, outlet circulation/reach, story angle and timing of the trip. Portonovi Resort may not be able to accommodate spouses, children and/or other guests accompanying journalists except in the case of family specific assignments. Portonovi Resort policy prohibits the hosting of journalists if the primary purpose of the trip is leisure or holiday travel. Journalists’ primary reason for travel must be their confirmed press assignment. Meals accompanied by a Portonovi Resort staff member will be covered, but all visiting press should plan to pay for some portion of their meals during their visit. If possible, Portonovi Resort would prefer general media trips to take place between April and November. Trips outside of that time frame will still be considered on a limited basis. Portonovi Resort assists with no more than a two-night stay.