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Become a part of

At Portonovi, we provide you with a challenging, exciting working environment and opportunities to grow in both professional and personal aspects. By selecting the right people for the right positions, the company is creating teams who are having all qualifications, predispositions, and potential to achieve the objectives, contribute to, and create added value to the organization.


Sharing the same core values, you are more than welcome to join our professional, efficient and sustainable organization.

The company is fostering and encouraging learning and development so that everyone can contribute in their own field of work and in others too.

All employees are welcome to propose new ideas, think outside the box, and improve and optimize the processes and the company encourages new creative ways of thinking.

We provide a clean, healthy working environment fully equipped with all technical resources required for a continuous and mutually beneficial successful work environment.

The company recognizes the hard-working by reviewing the salaries, benefits, and working conditions regularly, recognizing contributions and objectives achieved - making our employees feel valued and appreciated by the organization where they work.

Having respect for each other and respect for the work we do, our company nurtures transparent and open communication, and builds a trusting and friendly working environment where all our employees truly feel like part of the family.

Thank you for your trust and  efforts to make us the company that wins in the marketplace.


If you feel like this is the moment for your potentials and enthusiasm to unleash, share your CV and cover letter with us. We will make sure to keep your CV in our database and contact you in case that your professional background and expertise is considered a match for a future vacant position.