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17 June 2023

Sonja Đuranović Exhibition Opened in Portonovi

After a successful “WonderCon Sneak Preview Montenegro” exhibition, the “Herbarijum” exhibition of the Montenegrin artist Sonja Đuranović was opened last night in Portonovi Resort. The Director of Marketing and Communications at Portonovi, Adrijana Husić, said that, in addition to numerous events organized throughout the year, cultural events attract an increasing number of resort visitors.

“It is a great honor to have such an exhibition this year. Sonja Đuranović has been with us since the very beginning, through the Pizana Gallery,” she said.

The Pizana Gallery Owner, Ljiljana Milošević, had the same opinion and reminded us that the artist was one of the first students at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje, and added that the Pizana Gallery was opened the same year.

“Portonovi provides people with the opportunity for people from all around the world to see what is happening in Montenegro, and I am happy because of that. Sonja transfers her extraordinary energy to her paintings, and each of her flowers is unique. I hope all exhibition visitors will enjoy her paintings and that they will make a nice world for themselves through the energy Sonja spreads,” she explained.

The author of the “Herbarijum” exhibition, painter Sonja Đuranović said that the series of paintings was created the previous year and was made with the purpose of being exhibited at the Pizana Gallery in Portonovi. She pointed out that “Herbarijum” was research, representing an album, collection, and certain scrapbook in which leaves and flowers are glued on paper.

“The diversity of plants in a herbarium is what makes it special and unique. My herbarium consists of the collection and keeping of all my cacti, tulips, and flowers, my memories, and experiences. A long-term process of work and research in painting was recorded in these paintings and works,” said Sonja Đuranović.

She explained that the paintings are created when she arranges parts of plants on a white canvas and copies them in white to redraw flowers.

“It is a long process until I reach the intended result. In comparison to the botanic herbarium, where plants are dried and glued, I have a reversed process  - I return life to plants and flowers,” she said.

Sonja graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje, and her talent was shown in various independent and collective exhibitions. She has been a member of the Association of Fine Artists of Montenegro since 1997, and her work is an exquisite experience for the audience. The “Herbarijum” exhibition will be open until July 5.

From Portonovi Resort was said that when it comes to the pre-season period, thanks to all activities and prepared offers, they had a significantly larger number of visits compared to the previous year.

“Portonovi has had a continuous rate of 30 percent increased number of visitors compared to the same period last year. We hope that, in July and August, we will break some new records, not only with events but with visits  - that is, the number of overnight stays in Portonovi,” said the Director of Marketing and Communications at Portonovi, Adrijana Husić.

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