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25 July 2022

Interactive Art in the Heart of Portonovi

The exhibition space of the Pizana Gallery in Portonovi dates back to 2019. In addition to numerous activities that take place in the resort throughout the year, a special place belongs to those events that encourage young artists.

The interactive art project by the artist Svetlana Ninković called PART OF MY HEART was presented in the aforementioned gallery last night. The well-known Belgrade painter painted on large-sized panels and plates, which is what she is known for.

"We are all part of one big whole, and that's exactly what I want to show with this creative project. All passers-by and visitors will get the opportunity to look deep into themselves and how they participate in this world, as part of a whole in which we are all connected and where all of us are creators, not just mere observers," said Svetlana Ninković.

Ninković pointed out that she is inspired by the Mediterranean and Montenegrin spirit, which cannot be found anywhere else, and stated that Portonovi is the ideal place for this performance.

Adrijana Husić, the spokeswoman of Portonovi Resort, said that the last three years showed the consistency of a large number of young, talented people, who, as she said, represent not only Montenegro but the region in the best way.

"That's exactly what interests all our guests, especially foreigners, and we can safely say it delights them. In this sense, the Pizana Gallery is a real partner gathering only the best we can show. "Svetlana Ninković is extremely modern and acknowledged, and she brings a different kind of art and interaction with the audience," she said.

Ljiljana Milošević, the owner of the Pizana Gallery, pointed out that in this way, in cooperation with Portonovi, they want to bring art closer to the public in an interactive way.

"Together with Svetlana, we will enable everyone to directly participate in the process of creating a work of art, and that is exactly what makes these two days extraordinary," she said.

Numerous visitors took part in the unique performance that lasted for two days.