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January 17, 2023

What to Consider when Purchasing a Property in Portonovi

Purchasing a new residential property will probably be one of your significant and most exciting decisions. But it also might become a lengthy process as you will need to ensure that it meets all your requirements – from the location, the number of rooms, and the availability of outdoor space. And whether it matches the idea you had in mind.

To make it easier, we compiled a checklist of things to look for to guide you when selecting a perfect property for yourself in Portonovi. Remember that properties in beautiful Portonovi are brand new, so you wouldn’t have to worry about all the issues people are usually concerned about.

Also, if you have a partner, a close friend, or a family member whose opinion you value, make sure they visit the property with you. This way, you will also get their perspective, or you can arrange a last-minute viewing of the additional property that caught your eye. Don't forget to take pictures. Hopefully, your dream house in Portonovi will become a real deal! Happy house hunting!

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Seaview or mountain view?

Exceptional properties like the ones in Portonovi always have one of those views. For example, in the beautiful Marina Residences, you will enjoy the most magnificent sea views, while in the Village Residences, you'll fall in love with Mountains. Last but not least - let's not forget the fragrant gardens often encountered in the village. The serene pleasure of enjoying their scents and the view of Mediterranean herbs in warmer months will surely be one of the experiences you'll cherish.

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How much space do you need?

Whether you are shopping for a property that will become your getaway place or looking for a spacious home that will suit your growing family (and occasional friends who visit you), in Portonovi, we have something for everyone. Choose the property size that fits your lifestyle the best – and of course, if you are unsure, our experienced team will propose something you will undoubtedly love.

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Balcony, garden, or pool? 

It all depends on your lifestyle. Consider in advance what level of amenities would make you feel at home. Sometimes, for a single person, a balcony would be enough; larger families might wish to have a private pool instead of a communal one in the fragrant garden. Or, upon your arrival, we can personally show you all the options we have in our luxurious Portonovi.

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Second home or rental property? 

How do you plan on using your new property? Will it be your second home, or does it have an investment potential? Planning for the future or renting the property for half of the year allows you to make a return on investment much faster. Remember that everything can become a rental property; however, those that do better are larger and have some amenities like a garden, pool, etc. Factor in those to make the best decision for your future, and remember that you don’t have to do it yourself. At Portonovi, we offer impeccable rental services to make life easier for those purchasing a property as an investment. What to Consider when Purchasing a Property in Portonovi_img_5_altGo with your gut feeling. 

Buying a property is a commitment, but sometimes, when you see the property, you already feel that you – have to own it. Pick up on the small signs and go with your gut feeling. If you viewed the property on a perfectly slow Saturday when the sun was shining and people were quietly sipping their coffee, Sunday is an excellent day to close the deal. 

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Time to take the next step. Turn your dream into a reality and fall in love with one of our Village Residences, Marina Apartments, Sky Villas, and One&Only Private Homes. Impeccably designed by world-class architects, they will make a beautiful second home – or a fantastic investment opportunity. Fill out the form to register your interest or arrange an on-site viewing.

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