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Festive Season
December 15, 2022

A Weekend Dedicated to SPA

Spending a whole weekend relaxing and resting, doing what you want without any care. Sounds perfect? Why not check into a luxurious SPA for an indulgent selection of massages, treatments, and therapies? Nothing is better than recharging batteries often drained by work and daily routine.

Good news! You don't need to travel far; you can combine a getaway weekend with an indulgent SPA by visiting the dreamy Portonovi. Renowned for its beauty, this beautiful resort also has fantastic accommodation opportunities. Of course, it's up to you how you want to spend your SPA weekend – a solo experience, or maybe it can become a getaway weekend with your partner; or perhaps with your girlfriends to strengthen the friendship and create unforgettable memories.

A Weekend Dedicated to SPA_img_1_alt

Read how you can reconnect with yourself on a SPA weekend in Portonovi. Portonovi is the home of One&Only, one of the most exquisite resorts in this part of Europe, which hosts Chenot Espace - a leading health and wellness expert brand that will help you experience a transformative journey of detoxing and resetting the body based on the renowned Chenot Method®. Chenot Method® is based on over 50 years of scientific research, which has helped develop a sophisticated set of bespoke treatments created to stimulate your body to eliminate toxins, increase vitality, activate energy channels, and rebalance the body's physiology.

Sounds perfect for the ones who want to "get away from it all." When planning a weekend stay, why not choose the Weekend SPA Deluxe package - a perfect combination of the Chenot Method® energizing treatments with the delicious and healthy Chenot Diet. Inclusive of Medical Consultation, Chenot Diet, Chenot Energetic Massage, Chenot Relaxing Massage, two Hydro-Aromatherapy Treatments, two Phyto-Mud Treatments, two Hydro-Jet Treatments, Chenot Illuminating and Nourishing Facial Treatment, and a Chenot Feet Reflex Treatment; this program will help you enhance your vitality and optimum health.

Let's explore what your weekend might look like. Rest assured – you will undoubtedly enjoy it beyond everything you can think of.A Weekend Dedicated to SPA_img_alt_2

When you arrive on Friday…

Swim in the indoor pool, preparing to be pampered by professionals in the coming days, and focus on experiencing body and mind rejuvenation. Afterward, experience Chenot Energetic Massage. It aims to relieve and clear the energy flow in the meridians with the help of suction cups. Also, it will re-equilibrate the energetic circulation & lymphatic system. The improved blood circulation will prepare your body for next-day treatments.

After the massage, you will probably feel energetic enough to go for a lovely walk exploring Portonovi sights.A Weekend Dedicated to SPA_img_3_alt

On Saturday, prepare for an enjoyable full day in SPA. 

Begin with Hydro-Aromatherapy Treatment, a type of hydro-massage in which a unique mixture of essential oils is added to the bath water. This will help your skin look better by toning it and strengthening it. Peripheral blood and lymphatic circulation will be improved, which will, in turn, balance the body's fluids and energy.

Continue with the Phyto-Mud Treatment - an application of a body wrap consisting of white or green clay enriched with minerals, microalgae, and pure essential oils. Besides draining, detoxifying, and revitalizing the body will also help eliminate physical/muscular tension.

A final wrap-up will include Hydro-Jet Treatment, a pressure-jet that adds a cold mechanical action to the thermal stimulus, restoring energy and vitality to the body. It will increase your metabolic rate, improve peripheral circulation and firm the skin.

Afterward, you can go deeper into the Chenot relaxation pavilion, where you will be served a Signature Chenot herbal tea, or enjoy a steam room or sauna before having your Chenot dinner.

Schedule an Illuminating and Nourishing Facial Treatment, where your skin will be infused with nourishment and hydration using specialized products that balance the tissue with the vitamins and minerals it needs. Your skin will be radiant and fully hydrated.A Weekend Dedicated to SPA_img_4_alt

Start the Sunday morning with a Chenot Feet Reflex Treatment, a deep, energizing massage that will allow the body to rebalance itself by stimulating acupuncture points of the feet. Besides having a tremendous anti-stress effect, it will also improve blood circulation to the feet and reduce joint stiffness.

At the end of your stay, go with a Chenot Relaxing Massage, a unique body massage that will promote physical and mental relaxation for profound well-being. The profound anti-stress effect will deeply relax your muscles and prepare you for a new week ahead.A Weekend Dedicated to SPA_img_5_alt

So, was it everything we promised? A relaxing weekend where you breathed fresh air and indulged yourself? Discover additional treatments that Chenot Escape has in store for you.

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