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16 August 2022

"Happy People" Arrived in Portonovi

After the successful interactive exhibition of Svetlana Ninković in July, Roman Đuanović's exhibition called "Happy People" is something that Portonovi as a resort is proud of, said the spokeswoman of the resort, Adrijana Husić.

She also said that the Pizana Gallery is the heart of Portonovi and added that all the activities they do together with the gallery make Portonovi and Boka recognized - not only in the region but in the entire world.

"Roman Đuranović is a widely known name. It is really a great honor to have an exhibition of this type, as it brings the spirit of big galleries right in Portonovi," she emphasized.

Ms. Husić also mentioned that the exhibition will be open for two weeks and invited everyone interested to visit the gallery and enjoy the paintings, which, as she said, bring a different perspective and make us happy – just like the name of the exhibition.

The prominent painter, Roman Đuranović, said the exhibition was created in the past two years. He pointed out that the exhibition was agreed on the previous year, so the paintings were created so as to relate to the ambiance of Portonovi, and the exhibition space.

“For me, it is a great honor to have an exhibition in this gallery in Portonovi. I must thank them for being exceptional hosts. It is interesting that twenty years ago, I had an exhibition in the Pizana Gallery in Podgorica, which speaks of our continuous cooperation, professional relationship, and, most importantly, friendship," he said.

Đuranović noted that his works depict the time we live in. He pointed it out as his area of interest and the main subject of his paintings.

"All local and global themes are intertwined in my expression, and finally, they happen in my paintings. In addition to the work process, the perception of the observer is also very important. You can say I have had my own audience for numerous years, and they are really like a football team of fans," said Đuranović.

The Pizana Gallery attentively chooses artists whose works can be found in their exhibition space and always welcomes big names from the cultural scene, said the Owner of the Gallery, Ljiljana Milošević.

"With the exhibition of Roman Đuranović in our gallery, we continue our long association with this excellent painter. Just as the name says, it makes us all happy, and we hope the visitors will also recognize the quality in front of them," she said.