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01 September 2021

Pizana exhibition

As bastion of Montenegrin heritage and rich culture, Portonovi will host one of the largest exhibitions of Montenegrin contemporary art, showing once again to locals and to the world how many talented and creative people this country has. In partnership with gallery Pizana, a cult place of cultural events, all Portonovi visitors will have an opportunity to cherish great art and artists who live and work outside of the traditional boundaries, representing a wide range of styles, mediums, and messages.

“After visiting this exhibition and standing face to face with works of art that came from ateliers of most renowned artist of Montenegro, you can’t help but once again remain silent in front of the talents and creativity of worthy representatives of the country they come from and who became an equal part of the international art scene. Energy of team of Pizana Gallery, innovation and inspiration they radiate is one of the things that brough us all here. I hope that many people will come and see these masterpieces and carry the impressions that, among other things, Montenegro is unresting inspiration”, stated Rashad Aliyev, CEO of Azmont Investments.

On the cultural map of Montenegro, the name of the Pizana Gallery is inscribed on Portonovi address from august 2019, gallery space that has found artistic inspiration primarily in the contemporary Montenegrin art scene. The exceptional significance of this exhibition lies precisely in the wide range of works of art it encompasses and will serve as guide and inspiration for new generations of artists.

“In the large circle of fans and admirers of the Pizana Gallery, in its friends, artists, critics, collectors, the rare but convincing group of true adherents of art is recognized, whose actions defend and nurture every dignity of true art. At the center of this artistically inspiring and creatively seductive place of the Pizana Gallery, they recognized a space from which no one leaves without some inner transformation, inspiring and creative stimulus. That is why Pizana has long been not just an art gallery, but a spiritual toponym, an open horizon of endless artistic reality”, says art historian Milica Bezmarević about legacy of Pizana Gallery.

Exhibition is opening  on August 16th and will run until September 10th 2021.

Note: The events are organized aligned with all precautionary COVID19 measures and existing national legislation, visitors are kindly asked to respect all measures in place.