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April 05, 2023

A Portonovi Stay Could Be Your Favorite Summer Getaway

With summer plans underway, you are surely considering all the best spots for your summer getaway. When you think of summer, what comes to mind? - Slow afternoons, basking in the sun and enjoying the summer air with palm trees? All of that is well within your reach.

A Portonovi Stay Could Be Your Favorite Summer Getaway_1_alt

Let us help you in your decision: this year, pack your bags and explore Portonovi residences - the hidden Adriatic haven which will become your oasis for the summer. Whether you are looking for a tranquil escape from a hectic lifestyle or a sanctuary for a family holiday – here at Portonovi residences, we have you covered. You can book an overnight stay or a month-long vacation in one of the spacious newly-designed high-end residences.

A Portonovi Stay Could Be Your Favorite Summer Getaway_2_alt

Luxurious four-bedroom residences for large groups, cozy one-bedroom suites for romantic hideaways, and everything in between. Choose one of our Mimosa Suites and enjoy splendid sea views while getting a taste of modern marina living or retreat in one of the Village compounds – with charming Mediterranean pools, surrounded by carefully maintained gardens in full bloom.A Portonovi Stay Could Be Your Favorite Summer Getaway_3_alt

What Would Your Day Look Like?

Imagine this: you are woken up by the sounds of bird song, and the sea breeze enters your room. Your coffee is already brewing in the next room, and your terrace is set up for breakfast: complete with freshly squeezed, locally farmed orange juice. The rest of the village is sound asleep. You are observing the calm sea, coffee in hand, with your beach bag ready for the day. You can smell the salt in the air, and you can’t wait to dip your toes in the pool.

A Portonovi Stay Could Be Your Favorite Summer Getaway_4_alt

The choice is yours for the rest of the day: a swim in the pool, surrounded by palm trees and natural shade with your residence just a few steps away, or a walk to the sandy beach, where the sun deck is ready for you and a day full of beach fun awaits.

A Portonovi Stay Could Be Your Favorite Summer Getaway_5_alt

You can also explore the hidden corners of Boka Bay - with one of Portonovi’s luxurious speedboats. Private tours are a click away, with the help of the Lifestyle Team - always there to craft your summer holiday into an unforgettable Montenegro experience - private tours of local heritage sights, wine tastings, olive oil farms, and so much more.

Your schedule is cleared and your to-do list empty: while you relish your day on the water, our team made arrangements for your dinner in one of the restaurants in Portonovi Marina: Italian, Middle Eastern, or Asian, based on your preferences – the table is booked already. After dinner, take part in one of the events on the Portonovi calendar or unwind at the rooftop pool, gazing at the stars.

As the day comes to a closure: make plans for tomorrow - you may start your morning with a run or a walk around the entire 26 acres of the Portonovi area, and then come back to your Mediterranean home to relax for the day. Or maybe a yoga session offered by our Portonovi Training Studio might interest you.A Portonovi Stay Could Be Your Favorite Summer Getaway_7_alt

One thing is for sure: in Portonovi, days are slow, the Adriatic sun is gentle, and your time is only yours to enjoy.

Celebrate life and every occasion with your loved ones and create beautiful memories. Book a stay  in Portonovi in one of our luxurious suites overlooking stunning views under the Mediterranean sun! See our “Special Rental Offers” to make the most of Montenegro's charm!

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