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May 25, 2023


Letting time go past us is not an option - summer is just behind the corner, and it is the right time to start planning the much-needed summer vacation. At the same time, it is a perfect reason to rent a villa or an apartment in Portonovi Resort, where you will find everything you need to rest, recharge, and pamper yourself into being the happiest version of yourself.

Being a destination for all seasons, Portonovi has an amazing offer of sea-view properties with private swimming pools and gardens, suitable for family, couple, and group vacations. There are numerous restaurants, shops, and events to check out all year round.

However, summer is your opportunity to see Portonovi in all its glory, and here are the four activities we suggest you try and make the best of your stay:4 FUN ACTIVITIES TO ENJOY DURING A SUMMER STAY IN PORTONOVI_img_1_alt

1. Spend Time at Portonovi Beach Club

The beach is always a go-to choice for a summer vacation daily plan. You must go for a swim - imagine cooling down in the crystal-clear sea water and coming out on the perfect sandy beach with Portonovi Beach Club bar just waiting for your order.

Spending your days at the perfect beach, tasting different kinds of cocktails at Portonovi Beach Club bar, and enjoying fine dining at its restaurant during warm summer nights - sounds like a true summer vacation, right?4 FUN ACTIVITIES TO ENJOY DURING A SUMMER STAY IN PORTONOVI_img_2_alt

2. Yacht/Boat Tour from Portonovi Marina

Other than being simply beautiful to look at, Portonovi Marina also provides various services, including yacht and boat rental. When you have recharged your batteries on the beach and feel prepared to start exploring the surroundings, going on a tour by yacht or boat is the best option, as this is a perfect way to experience all the beauty of Boka Bay.4 FUN ACTIVITIES TO ENJOY DURING A SUMMER STAY IN PORTONOVI_img_3_alt

3. Take a Day Off at Chenot Espace Wellness Spa

Did you know you can take a day off while on vacation? A day of spa pampering, peace, and quiet just for yourself. Chenot Espace Wellness Spa will enwrap you with a soothing fragrance and calming vibes from the moment you enter. With the premium service provided by the world-class staff, and various kinds of massages and treatments to choose from, a day spent in Chenot will be a day to remember as a complete recharge, and you will count the days until your next visit.4 FUN ACTIVITIES TO ENJOY DURING A SUMMER STAY IN PORTONOVI_img_4_alt

4. Explore Bars and Restaurants Within the Resort

Portonovi has an exclusive bar and restaFurant scene - catering to yFour every need - visit Koffein for perfect beverages, freshly squeezed beverages, and great food with a beautiful view. When it comes to a fine dining experience in a perfect Mediterranean setting, Romeo & Juliet and Perla Square are restaurants that will fulfill all your expectations.4 FUN ACTIVITIES TO ENJOY DURING A SUMMER STAY IN PORTONOVI_img_4_alt

If you have a bit of a sweet tooth, don't miss out on trying the original Italian ice cream and other delicacies in Godot.

Families, couples, and solo travelers will all find something to their liking in Portonovi this summer. There is a variety of everything a resort can offer and beyond - an art gallery, numerous fashion retail shops, and an incredible calendar of events to keep both children and adults entertained all summer long.


Buying a property may seem like a difficult decision, but as soon as you set foot in Portonovi, it will make perfect sense to own a property here. The real challenge is choosing between our perfect properties. But whether you choose the Village Residences, Marina Apartments, Sky Villas, or One&Only Private Homes, it will be the right choice. Investing in Portonovi real estate will be one of the best decisions you've ever made. Fill out the form to register your interest or arrange an on-site viewing.

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