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September 19, 2022

In Portonovi, the Mediterranean Way of Life Is Still Alive and Kicking

The Meditteranean… Not only is it a cradle of civilization and a melting point of various cultures which gave birth to world-renowned philosophers, but it is also a unique European region. Due to the weather and specific climate with hot, dry summers and humid, cool winters, the Mediterranean harbors vibrant biodiversity with numerous species you won't find anywhere else. No wonder it attracts so many visitors who happily dive into the old civilizations wanting to catch the elusive feeling of the past times.

However, in the last decades, everyone can feel that the Mediterranean as it once was is slowly fading away… Rapid urbanization is undoubtedly the most responsible culprit, together with mass tourism. But there are still places that manage to capture its essence and hold it for a bit longer, for those travelers who yearn for nostalgia and times "when everything was better."

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Even though Italy, Greece, and Croatia are most likely the first to come to mind when you think about rich Mediterranean culture and the feeling you are looking for - some lesser-known countries and places are often overlooked. Needless to say, those spots are still harboring the Mediterranean feel, and not only that - they are dutifully working to capture and preserve it for generations.

One overlooked jewel is certainly Montenegro with its Bay of Kotor - it offers more you'll ask for and will indeed deserve a spot in your hungry traveler's heart. Once an unpolished gem of Montenegro, the Bay of Kotor has become, with a beautiful village Portonovi, one of the most exciting places to visit. If you still haven't been here, now is the perfect time to place it on the top of your bucket list.

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Portonovi boasts one of the most amazing coastlines in the Adriatic, where mountains meet the sea in the most irresistible landscape you'll lay your eyes on. Portonovi is surrounded with picturesque fishing villages and spots that overlook the Bay of Kotor, frozen in time. This spectacular place will take your breath away no matter when and how often you visit it. You will become forever mesmerized by pretty little harbors, remote beaches, and a refreshing sea breeze that will do good only to your lungs but also to your skin.

If you are a sort of history bug and love to explore the sights, Portonovi is a perfect place from which you can discover excellent trails and unearth stories or visit centuries-old sights. But even if history is not your preferred choice of how to spend your vacation, you can relax on the Portonovi beach or explore something more to your taste. However, we need to warn you in advance - here in Portonovi, everything is peaceful, and the emphasis is on the slow and deliberate, Mediterranean style of living. The one in which you take time to decide, where there is no rush and no need for to-do lists.

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So take your time to explore the quaint villages of Kotor Bay that still preserve the colors and tastes of a long-forgotten time. During your trips, you'll probably meet older villagers who might happily share stories with you over a plate of bread and a glass of red wine. Charming locals will take you as one of their own even though they met you just a while ago. And this is not that fake hospitality you've encountered elsewhere but the genuine pleasure of wanting to know you. So open yourself to new experiences, dive into chitchats with friendly people, and explore the region's re’owned cuisine with full flavors of locally produced fruits, vegetables, and meats from generations-old small farms nearby. Mmmm... perfect for food lovers chasing those irresistible local tastes.In Portonovi, the Mediterranean Way of Life Is Still Alive and Kicking_4_alt

After returning from your daily adventures, relax on a beautiful, sandy beach with a crystal-clear sea. Perfect for sunbathing or simply lounging in the beach bar and occasionally dipping your toes. The evenings in Portonovi are just as spectacular. Due to low pollution, you can dine beneath the stars in one of the fantastic food spots or take a glass of wine to the beach and relax on a recliner while trying to find the Big Dipper or the Little Dipper.

The Mediterranean style of life will never be forgotten, as long as there's – Portonovi.

Turn a dream into a reality and take the next step. Our Portonovi real estate is designed by world-class architects who blended the Village Residences, the Marina Apartments, Sky Villas, and One&Only Private Homes into surroundings, respecting both the environment and Mediterranean style.

Throughout our exceptional properties, we've used warm and modern design, natural materials, and luxurious layouts so you can own one of the most desirable homes. Depending on the lifestyle you strive for, you can either live in them or rent them to ensure an additional revenue stream.

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Whatever you choose, investing in Portonovi real estate will be one of the best decisions you've made.

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