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Festive Season
August 31, 2023

Portonovi Amenities That Will Make You Feel Like a Superstar

Do you want to upgrade your lifestyle? You deserve it. Choose a real estate in Portonovi, and we will fulfill all your needs, and more. Indulge, and let yourself be pampered by top-quality amenities that are available as part of homeowner benefits. This is an investment opportunity for a dream life come true - if you want to spend only part of the year here, our Rental Program available to homeowners will even allow you to make a return on investment. Our professional team will take care of everything leaving you without a single worry about your property.Portonovi Amenities That Will Make You Feel Like a Superstar_img1_alt

Other premium amenities for a pampered lifestyle that come with exclusive beachfront Portonovi properties:

Beach Club at Sandy Beach

Enjoy a casual drink and plate in an exclusive beachfront club located at our sandy beach, with the added benefit of one of the most beautiful views in Europe. Treat yourself to one of the delicious cocktails and sip it slowly in the amazing view of the sun setting down the horizon. Reservations are not needed, simply pay an entrance fee when you arrive.Portonovi Amenities That Will Make You Feel Like a Superstar_img2_alt

Concierge & Lifestyle at Your Disposal

Catering to your every need is our prerogative - our multi-lingual and extremely professional concierge team is available around the clock to answer all your requests and make your life as laid-back as possible. From making travel arrangements to planning itineraries, and handling hotel and restaurant reservations, they are at your disposal for everything you may need.Portonovi Amenities That Will Make You Feel Like a Superstar_img3_alt

Well-being and Fitness

Your overall well-being is the center of attention in Portonovi, and here it is easy to care for your mind, body, and soul. With the Portonovi Training Studio - a superb gym and fitness center, tennis club, and outdoor pool, you will have everything you need for an active and healthy lifestyle. If you are in need of relaxation and rejuvenation, we have you covered as well, with the state-of-the-art Chenot Espace Wellness Spa where our highly trained technicians will provide you with the best spa treatment you have ever experienced.Portonovi Amenities That Will Make You Feel Like a Superstar_img4

Private Dining

Whether you need something perfect for a special occasion or you just want the ultimate fine-dining experience in a unique setting, our Private Dining service is the choice you want to make. It allows you to enjoy dishes from any restaurant or café in Portonovi in exclusive private surroundings. Perfect for a special occasion and creating unforgettable memories.Portonovi Amenities That Will Make You Feel Like a Superstar_img5

Lifestyle is a matter of choice, and you should always opt for what makes you happy. Portonovi lifestyle will bring you joy and a new perspective on life. Everything is easier when you live a life worth living with luxury amenities in a beautiful Mediterranean setting.Portonovi Amenities That Will Make You Feel Like a Superstar_img6

Take a look at our real estate offer and see what fits your style and size preferences. If you like to play it safe and want to see what it feels like to spend time and fall in love with Portonovi, see our rental offer and book a stay. 

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