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Festive Season
August 01, 2023


Portonovi might be known for luxury residences and the world-class marina, but did you know that during your stay here, you can make unforgettable memories and even better photos?

As social media continues to evolve and play a bigger role in our lives, Instagram has become an essential tool for travelers looking to document and share their adventures with the world.  Whether a seasoned traveler looking for new and exciting destinations to explore, a social media enthusiast searching for the perfect backdrop for your next post, or just a regular person who wants to have a nice photo memory - Portonovi is the right place for you:

1. Sculptures

All sculptures in Portonovi are created by an awarded Polish artist Malgorzata Chodakowska. Fun at the Spring, Little Ballerina, and Angel are all sculptures done in bronze, and water plays an important role in bringing them to life. Just looking at these photos, don’t you feel invited to dance with them?

Best time for a photo: Early morning, as the sun starts to shine over these pieces of art.

2. Wings in Portonovi Marina

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have wings and the freedom to fly wherever you want to? We all have. This summer, we are making dreams come true. Take a walk along Marina Promenade and use the opportunity to try on a pair of wings. You are guaranteed to take spectacular photos in the process!

Best time for a photo: In the evening, when the wings lighten up.

3. Vista Square Sculpture

A perfect seaside picture is a must, and Portonovi will provide you with ample opportunities for that - and more. A metallic sculpture in Vista Square will make a magnificent prop for an unexpected artistic twist, and this might become your favorite photo-taking spot. If you are lucky, you might even catch a cruiser passing by. With the right caption, it sounds like an unforgettable post, right?

Best time for a photo: The sculpture is especially beautiful in the morning and early evening.

4. Resort Streets 

When you visit Portonovi, the Mediterranean art of living will become synonymous with the resort. Everything you have heard about the resort will make perfect sense. It is all about enjoying the simple things in life. Take a walk through the resort, explore the hidden corners and beautiful Mediterranean herbs, pass under one of the amazing arches, and make a wish. And, of course, take a photo. 

Best time for a photo: During the day - daylight is ideal for taking photos. 

5. Stairs

Featured in some of the most glamorous magazines and adored by numerous influencers, Portonovi stairs have become an iconic spot. They are the perfect place for the perfect photo. Beautiful both by day and night and convenient for whatever pose you find fitting, the stairs in the resort are the spot you shouldn’t miss out on.

Best time for a photo: Any time of the day or evening. 

We gave only five recommendations - the real fun is discovering the rest yourself. You won’t be disappointed, and we bet you won’t turn off your camera. Explore our rental offer to experience the beautiful resort. Memories here are made to last, with the added benefit of incredible photos as the best souvenir. Don’t forget to tag us @portonovi and #MyPortonoviSummerPhoto, to get a chance to be reposted on our official profile.

Come to Portonovi and enjoy your own Instaworthy vacation. Whether you choose to spend time here in summer or winter, you will snap some lifelong memories. Book a stay now and make this come true! 

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