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January 10, 2024

Discover the Breathtaking Beauty of Portonovi Resort's Greenery, Parks, and Gardens

Nothing can beat the beauty of natural landscapes, and did you know that nature has a positive effect on mental health, reducing anxiety and depression and generating many positive emotions like joy and creativity? Portonovi Resort was designed with greenery, parks, and gardens that provide a serene and calming environment to its visitors. With its combination of captivating natural surroundings and modern amenities, the resort is a true oasis for all nature lovers.

Let us take you through Portonovi's beautiful parks and lush gardens:

Portonovi is a combination of beautiful architecture and nature enhanced with greenery within the resort and the sculptures that fit in as its natural part. When in need of peace and quiet out in the open, we suggest a visit to Hillside Park. You'll enjoy a walk through various beautiful paths, each of which holds a story for you to discover. Incorporating the old trees in its beautiful design and featuring different plant species that just smell like the Mediterranean – you'll get that much-needed reconnection with nature that is just soul-soothing.

If you're looking for a more family-friendly atmosphere, or you'd just like a wider variety of options, you should head to Central Park. The park features children's playgrounds, a piazza, and beautiful gardens. Central Park is an excellent spot for families to unwind, switch off, and have a day of fun at the playground, all the while appreciating the atmosphere of the natural environment.

  • Abundance of Greenery

Each aspect of Portonovi is impressive, so you should pay attention to everything; you will have the opportunity to learn a lot while enjoying life in the most beautiful atmosphere. There are over 40 thousand plants in the resort, with around 130 different species – including mimosa, lavender, olive, and citrus trees and so much more - making up beautiful scenery whether you choose to roam around the resort or spend time at your residence. All terraces and private or communal swimming pools in our residences feature lush greenery.

  • Recreational and Inspiring Stay

Portonovi Resort caters to all needs, including the needs of those who love to stay active. In addition to beautiful sights, parks, and nature all around, it's conveniently easy to stay active, enjoy the beauty of nature, and even practice mindfulness in our serene spots. All of these things will greatly contribute to your overall mind and body health. You can take a walk down the inspiring paths of the resort or go jogging along Marina Promenade. Having in mind that you probably don't want your children to spend too much time inside, options present themselves here, and you will be inspired to take them out for an adventure or a day of fun in one of the parks – because that's how core memories are made.

Portonovi Resort is a unique blend of natural beauty and modern design. Here, you will find just about everything you need for a perfectly balanced life for the whole family. The resort was built to make your life better, and it will answer all your demands and entice you to spend more time outdoors and make time for that much-needed recreation. This is where true happiness lives, and it's easy to be in a positive mood and enjoy life all the time.

It's time to take charge of your well-being and come to the place where you'll be the best version of yourself, surrounded by beautiful plants and nature. See our real estate offer to treat yourself to the best investment, or have a look at our rental offer to come for a soul-soothing vacation first. 

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