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September 09, 2022


Summer is still here. It's hot, and we feel the heaviness of our everyday obligations more than usual. Let's confess – we need a break. At least for a day. But it has to be a PERFECT DAY when we genuinely unwind and drop the weight from our shoulders while our bodies enter the blissful state of relaxation.

The PERFECT DAY needs THE PLACE, a destination like no other, where you don't have to overthink, organize or deal with logistics. And not every place will do. We know of such a gem. Even Elizabeth Taylor, Sophia Loren, and other Hollywood stars vacationed there in the 1970s, and sometimes it feels like it's the best-kept secret in the Mediterranean.

We want to welcome you to Portonovi, a place where you will be pampered every step of your journey. Situated in the fjord-like setting, the beautiful resort area of Portonovi offers the world's best scenic escapes. Connoisseurs say it feels like part Lake Como, part Monte Carlo. We couldn't agree more.

Allow us to guide you through an itinerary we've set up for you for an overnight stay in your newly acquired residence.

Imagine waking up in a luxurious bed in a comfortable, tasteful room overlooking the marina. You still haven't managed to decorate it entirely, but you regularly Zoom with your interior designer. Maybe this is the right time to get your creative juices flowing and inspire yourself with the Mediterranean style?

As the sun caresses your skin through the windows, the soft, tender breeze fills your lungs with the rejuvenating scent of salt, rosemary, and lavender. Slowly, you slip out and prepare yourself a cup of your favorite coffee or tea. The terrace invites you to take in the view of eye-catching yachts in the marina. Everything is calm. You take in the spectacular surroundings and start scribbling ideas for the living room.

Let's continue the creative flow at - the breakfast place.

It's just around the corner. As you walk the streets, make mental notes of all the places you'd like to visit while here. Welcome to Koffein, your new favorite coffee shop where you'll feel at home while in Portonovi. Start with a freshly prepared juice of your choice while choosing your breakfast.

What will it be for the most important meal of the day? French omelet, something healthy on the side, or will you go for a protein-filled breakfast of poached eggs with salmon and avocado to fill you with energy for the day ahead? Whatever you choose, Koffein's attentive team will make it just how you like it - your wish is their command. While waiting, enjoy the view of the marina in the quiet morning and seagulls quaking in the distance. Oh, the meal just arrived? We'll leave you to it.

Ready to continue with the day. We know it's still early, but morning is the best time to – dip your feet in the water. We're sure you'll find a place just the right kind of perfect for you. The beach in Portonovi is entirely sandy! Enjoy frolicking and swimming so long that your muscles are slightly sore and you forget the everyday stress. Soak in the sun, and don't forget SPF50.

After a few rounds of swimming and working on your tan, join us for lunch in the beating heart of Portonovi - Tapasake Club. This stunning waterfront club combines inspiring flavors of Japanese and Peruvian dishes in a captivating experience. May we suggest a duck breast orange miso dish with a carrot purée? A perfect combination of proteins and carotenoids will fill you with enough energy and vitamins. Oh, and the taste - simply unforgettable.

After a good meal in Tapasake, we recommend taking a little stroll down the main street and enjoying the architecture inspired by the authentic charm of traditional seaside villages and Venetian palazzos. Palm trees punctuate perfect lawns, and you can also take in the view of the mountains rising above the resort in the distance.

If you are a bit of a sweet tooth, in Godo Gelateria, you can indulge yourself with more than 20 flavors of Italian ice cream and sorbet, or you might try virgin cocktails in Maison du Monde. However, if you want to do something a bit more exciting, book a sailing class at Portonovi Yacht Club. What a remarkable story would that be to share with your friends.

Or you can relax in a secluded garden and enjoy a few pages of your favorite magazine or book.

Continue pampering yourself and reset your inner vitality in Henry Chenot Espace SPA with carefully created transformative treatments. Destress and restore yourself with a 3-minute cryotherapy treatment to help improve your body's recovery and relieve pain. Or go for a detoxifying and exfoliating face and neck treatment to deeply cleanse and remove impurities, dead cells, and metabolic waste.

Be as radiant as you feel, and put your best face forward.

Ignite the evening in Portonovi exclusive beach bar, where DJs start with their specially prepared sets before sunset, and waiters are waiting to fix you a mojito. Soak in the last of sun rays while lying on comfortable sunbeds. Don't forget to strike a pose for Instagram.

What is next? Our hospitality team has already reserved a place for you in our Italian gastronomic gem, Romeo & Juliet restaurant. Romantic ambiance, black-and-white tiled flooring, and inviting green velvet chairs are a perfect backdrop for your night out. Dine the delicious Italian delicacies and sip fine wines from around the world. How does lobster in champagne sauceand green laurel oil sound? As good as it looks, we're sure.

We're sure you might want to end your night here, but - that would be a very wrong decision. The night is still young... or so they say. What are our plans for dusk till dawn
Well - read on here.

Throughout our exceptional properties, we've used warm and modern design, natural materials, and luxurious layouts so you can own one of the most desirable homes. Depending on the lifestyle you strive for, you can either live in them or rent them to ensure an additional revenue stream;Whatever you choose, investing in Portonovi real estate will be one of the best decisions you've made.
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