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02 March 2023

CEO Interview at The Guide to Montenegrin Foreign Investors Council 2023

Rashad Aliyev, 

CEO of Azmont Investments, Portonovi

    1. Tourism is by far the most important sector in the Montenegrin economy. From that perspective, what are your expectations when it comes to the season ahead of us? 

After a period of unpredictability, we are looking forward to 2023 as an opportunity for travel and exploration. Armed with the lessons learned from the previous three years, our team is ready to make this year even more exciting. We had a sneak peek preview of what we can do during Portonovi Sparkling Season.

As such, Portonovi Sparkling Season provided us with an exciting glimpse into what's in store throughout the months ahead. We eagerly anticipate hosting more special guests than ever before, who can expect captivating journeys filled with unforgettable moments.

Montenegro has much potential as tourism plays an important role in socio-economic prosperity. Nonethless, Government investment in infrastructure development and air connectivity is needed to ensure these visions come true.

     2. The previous year, 2022, was a year of investments in real estate. How much have these investments contributed to the general attractiveness of Montenegro as an investment spot? 

At  Azmont Investments, as investor, we are proud to recognize the incomparable potential of Montenegro and its stunning natural beauty. Within this amazing destination, we have created an idyllic village in Boka Bay – an address that aims not only to draw attention as a tourist hot spot but also with carefully chosen residential developments which bring life into this remarkable corner of Europe.

Through investments we made in real estate and resort operations, our aim is to stimulate positive economic growth while further enhancing what makes Montenegro so appealing to travelers from all over the world.

     3. Having an exquisite tourism resort and constant investments in infrastructure and content - how is Portonovi 2023 different than its 2022 version?

Portonovi was a sparkling success in 2022, culminating in year-end festivities that attracted 100 thousand visitors. With bold plans for 2023 and unparalleled dedication to excellence underpinning our fundamental approach, Portonovi is set to have another splendid season. We are constantly striving for perfection as we welcome back returning guests with open arms - their satisfaction remains the cornerstone of our ongoing mission.

Also, the One&Only Portonovi Hotel has achieved an incredible feat, boasting the highest LQA (Leading Quality Assurance) result among all One&Only Resorts. The exemplary reservations team at this European flagship resort continues to raise the bar in terms of service excellence and reservation standards year after year.

We are proud that Portonovi Resort’s efforts were recognized with a 2023 Traveller Review Award — a remarkable accomplishment reflecting our commitment to continual growth and improvement.

      4. What do you consider your most important advantage when it comes to new types of tourists, such as digital nomads and alike? 

Our services and offerings are continuously evolving to meet customer needs better so that we can provide them with an incomparable experience when traveling abroad.

Guests can choose between a variety of extraordinary properties such as Village Residences, Marina Apartments, luxurious Sky Villas, or exclusive One&Only Private Homes - each offering its own unique atmosphere while sharing Portonovi core values: relaxation, social interaction, and entertainment with close access to anything they may need. Digital nomads will undoubtedly appreciate our high-speed internet connections combined with laptop-friendly spaces across the resort, plus abundant workout opportunities along offsite trips that uncover breathtaking sights in neighboring cities.

*This interview was published by The Guide of Montenegrin Foreign Investors Council 2023.