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March 09, 2023


We Share Why It’s Smart to Invest in Coastal Real Estate During the Economic Crisis

During the previous year, the entire world faced economic difficulties, but despite this, the real estate market in the world and in the region continues to flourish. This is supported by the data of the Central Bank of Montenegro, which show that in 2022, foreign citizens bought real estate worth as much as 410 million euros, most of which was on the coast.

Why Do Foreign Investors Choose Montenegro?

By investing in real estate, you actually save money. The fact is that real estate is recession-proof and historical data shows that its value continues to rise despite numerous economic downturns. The crisis of 2008 showed that, unlike stocks, real estate provides long-term stability despite major changes in the market.

Montenegro is highly positioned on the list of countries with favorable tax systems. For now, there is a signed agreement on avoiding double taxation with more than 40 countries, and low taxes, as well as easy access to legalization papers, contribute to the great interest of foreign investors.

Also, buying real estate, apart from personal satisfaction, can be a lucrative business and a profitable investment. In order to achieve all this, it is very important to invest in a suitable high-quality property in a good location. This is precisely why real estate on the coast is the right choice, especially with a location near larger cities, tourist centers, and airports, which is the case with the elite Portonovi Village in Boka Bay. This unique resort is located in the immediate vicinity of Herceg Novi, and the airports in Tivat and Dubrovnik.

The Most Luxurious Address on the Adriatic Coast

Due to its rich offer, properties in Portonovi could gain in price faster than others. In the authentic, picturesque resort, you can find everything you need to fully enjoy life by the sea 365 days a year - from premium restaurants, cafes, shops, and bars to tennis courts, numerous swimming pools, and wellness centers. Thanks to all these benefits, even if, for some reason, you decide to sell your home in Portonovi, you will get an excellent resale price.


The offer includes modern Marina Apartments, which are located right on the coast and have direct access to Portonovi Marina, as well as Sky Villas with spacious penthouse apartments and private terraces, with a view of the entire bay. Also, in the very heart of the village, there are residences that exude a combination of Mediterranean, Venetian, and Montenegrin motifs, which also adorn the sophisticated One&Only Private Homes.

There is an additional benefit that the residents of coastal communities often have a much more comfortable lifestyle than those who live in cities because everything is within walking distance, and there is no need for cars, and therefore you don’t have to bother with crowds and parking. Also, activities such as enjoying the beach, swimming, and daily doses of sun and fresh air have a positive effect on mental and physical health. Therefore, even if you cannot fully time the market, which is subject to crises, keep in mind that owning a property like this will be a constant source of income, as well as peace, satisfaction, and enjoyment.

Turn a dream into a reality and take the next step. Our Portonovi real estate is designed by world-class architects who blended the Village Residences, the Marina Apartments, Sky Villas, and One&Only Private Homes into surroundings, respecting both the environment and Mediterranean style. 

Whatever you choose, investing in Portonovi real estate will be one of the best decisions you've made. 

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