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June 01, 2023

Portonovi - Prime Location for Premium Benefits

Did you know location is the most important factor when choosing a property? Whether you’re choosing a vacation spot, a place to relocate to, or looking for an investment opportunity – you may have a list of the most important conditions - and location must be on it.

Speaking of lists, Portonovi Resort is one of the few places that check all boxes. It will meet all of your criteria and requirements. Everything needed for a laid-back life can be found within the absolutely stunning resort. Additionally, its position recommends it further with its proximity to airports and good connection with the rest of Europe.

Most benefits Portonovi has to offer come from the advantage of being in the right location: 

Beautiful Setting  - Boka Bay Views

The resort is located on the waterfront of one of the most beautiful parts of the Montenegrin coast – Boka Bay. Tucked in its own greenery created by an abundance of lush gardens, it fits in the surroundings perfectly. You will be amazed at how many beautiful photo opportunities there are in this quaint Mediterranean setting. From the perfect sea view of Boka Bay to imposing mountains creating an even more beautiful backdrop, you’ll constantly feel to need to capture everything.Portonovi - Prime Location for Premium Benefits_1_alt

Always at Ease  - Montenegro Essence

Being a safe nest in the Balkans, in addition to beautiful scenery, Montenegro has a lot to offer. This small country with rich culture and history is the home of people who take guests very seriously. Here you will find the best hosts you could ever fish for. The kind of people who will go out of their way to fulfill all wishes and make their guests feel at home.Portonovi - Prime Location for Premium Benefits_2_alt

Wonderful Climate – Mediterranean Spirit

Did you know Montenegro has 240+ sunny days a year? Set in a Mediterranean country, you will find all the benefits of Mediterranean living in Portonovi – great food, optimal doses of Vitamin D taken in through the sun rays, and seasonal depression is not really a thing when you are in a place that makes you happy and has beautiful weather most of the time.Portonovi - Prime Location for Premium Benefits_3_alt

Connectivity  - Located in Europe

With a good geographical position in Europe, Portonovi is easily accessible by sea and land. International airports in Tivat and Dubrovnik are less than an hour away by car. Additionally, Montenegro’s aspiration to become part of the European Union makes it a safe choice when looking for an investment opportunity.Portonovi - Prime Location for Premium Benefits_4_alt

All things considered - location must be reason number one when choosing a second property no matter how you intend to use it - whatever you want to invest, relocate, or have a second home to use during holidays – you will find it in Portonovi. 

If you couldn’t make up your mind or you needed an additional reason to purchase a property in Portonovi – this is the sign you were waiting for. Whether you choose the Village Residences, the Marina ApartmentsSky Villas, or One&Only Private Homes, you will be getting a premium property in a prime location - and certainly experience all of the benefits the resort has to offer. Fill out the form to register your interest or arrange an on-site viewing.

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