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Festive Season
October 16, 2023

Outdoor activities for health of body and mind

In Portonovi Resort, the summer of 2023 was filled with exciting events that captivated all homeowners, guests, and visitors. Summer Events Calendar was enriched by events organized by Portonovi Training Studio that were fun to see as well as be part of, such as Kids’ Games, Aquathlon, and 3x3 Basketball Tournament. With inspiring training options and fun events, Portonovi Training Studio is always available for homeowners and guests who care not only about fitness but health as well.

See the recap of the fun events by Portonovi Training Studio this summer:

  • Outdoor Yoga Sessions for the health of mind and body.              

Sunset Yoga Sessions on Wednesdays and Sundays this summer were very popular, as they provided mindfulness and relaxation. All participants enjoyed being active in the most beautiful setting of the seaside sunsets.

  • Kids’ Games, entertainment for all kids. 

Kids’ activities have been an important part of life in Portonovi. This summer, Kids’ Games were organized three times, and they included exercises and relaxation with animation. Lots of fun for kids and parents, too.

  • Personal training for the ones that were in immediate need of reshaping their bodies.

Our expert trainers were available for all those who wanted to get in shape and start taking care of their weight and health. With an individual approach to training and meal plans, the best results were guaranteed and achieved.

Stay healthy and fit all year long. Experience Portonovi Training Studio with modern equipment, great facilities, and amazing professional staff. If not already, you are sure to become a gym lover. Get your Gym Membership today and begin your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Unlock your true potential and become the best version of yourself. Let us be your motivation and inspiration for a better and healthier future! Join our community today - take control of your life with one simple step in the right direction. Reach out now.

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