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July 22, 2023

A Guide to Gastronomic Journey in Portonovi for a Summer Vacation Filled with Great Flavors

Are you one of those people who choose a place for vacation based on food options? Whatever your preferred choice of cuisine – you will find it in Portonovi. With a perfect combination of restaurants with different kinds of food, the resort has something to offer everyone. From Mediterranean to Asian fusion and modernized Eastern cuisine, seafood, or meat specialties, all food lovers will have the time of their lives here.

Image 1. Romeo&Juliet Restaurant

When you visit Portonovi, set sail on a gourmet journey of incredible food taste - all within the resort:

Mediterranean Cuisine

In Portonovi Resort, summer holidays go perfectly with Mediterranean cuisine. This is your go-to choice for a summer vacation. Delight your taste buds at Romeo & Juliet, Perla Square Portonovi, Rockfish Restaurant (Portonovi Beach Club), or Sabia in One&Only Portonovi. 

Image: 1. Perla Square  2. Rockfish at Portonovi Beach Club 3. Sabia at One&Only Portonovi

Asian Fusion

Fusion cuisine is an ideal adventure, something you must try. Asian-style dishes and ingredients with a twist because new and improved flavors are created in the process. This art in food making also includes a variety of vegan and vegetarian dishes and can be enjoyed at Tapasake in the exquisite One&Only Portonovi and the newly-opened boho-styled NOA Restaurant in Portonovi Marina.

Image 3. Tapasake at One&Only Portonovi

Eastern Cuisine

The journey continues at Square Restaurant, excellently located in the heart of the resort. With the beautiful Portonovi Marina as the background, the journey for all food lovers continues. Here, you can enjoy the carefully crafted menu accompanied by a refreshing cocktail mixed by genius cocktail makers.

Image 4. Square Restaurant

Seafood and Sea Delicacies

It’s the coast, and of course, you will find the best selection of seafood here. Locally sourced products and the natural resources of Boka Bay are implemented in the menu of Vinarija Restaurant. Vinarija means winery, so expect meals beautifully paired with a range of local and international wine labels their sommeliers will recommend.

Image 5. Vinarija Restaurant

Quick Bites

Portonovi is a beautiful Mediterranean village resort that will have you wandering around enjoying its beauty on every corner. And in the pauses of your walks, continue with the gastronomic journey - have ice cream at Godo - it’s guaranteed to enhance the overall experience.  Maison du Monde is also on our list. It’s exactly what it sounds like – music, food, drinks, and a relaxed atmosphere of a lounge bar. Great food goes with great fun, and Koffein has all that combined with live music nights.

Image 6. 1. Koffein  2. Godo Gelateria 3. Maison DU Monde


To complete the journey in style, visit La Veranda Restaurant in One&Only Portonovi. The luxury of the restaurant is complemented with a relaxed atmosphere and the menu is influenced by traditional Montenegrin cuisine. La Veranda will be the grand finale that will complete the full circle in the Portonovi gastronomic journey that will have you looking forward to coming back. 

Image 7. La Veranda at One&Only Portonovi

Our journey is not over because Portonovi always has something additional to offer. In addition to the incredibly diverse gastro offer, the resort is also known for its extensive calendar of events for all tastes. All food lovers will especially enjoy the Wine Night - a wine-tasting event organized in Vista Square in Portonovi in July. This year’s edition took place on July 29, and it included a performance by Jelena Tomašević and more than 30 wine exhibitors presenting their products.

Make a reservation or visit the resort and see which option is the best match with your preferences, if not all, because you might as well find yourself on a truly exquisite gastronomic journey. 

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