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March 27, 2024

Delightful Dishes to Try in Portonovi This Spring

With the beautiful weather on the corner, we are inviting you to another adventure - once again, Portonovi is the place to be this spring! The picturesque resort is inviting all gastro enthusiasts to come for a visit and explore the exquisite food offered in the restaurants within the resort. It is not only a feast for the eyes but a unique gastronomic journey waiting for you to explore and be delighted. Offering an interesting blend of local and international cuisine, restaurants in Portonovi will leave no one disappointed, and we have some great recommendations, too!

All food enthusiasts and culinary adventurers, here’s a list of must-try dishes to indulge in this spring:

Authentic Italian Pizza at Romeo & Juliet 

Although you may think this to be a dull choice, you would be very wrong. Pizza at Romeo & Juliet Restaurant is an art form of a kind. Made of Molino Quaglia’s Petra flour, best-quality authentic Italian ingredients, and baked in Moretti Forni Neapolis oven, this pizza will forever raise your pizza standards. The beautiful ambiance of this restaurant and the great choices on the wine list will make sure you have the most pleasant meal.

Crispy Lamb at Square Restaurant

With their signature dish – crispy lamb, Square Restaurant is offering a one-of-a-kind fine dining experience. The lengthy process of preparing this dish ensures the utmost pleasure your taste buds can feel. Don’t let that fool you; the serving time of this specialty served with pickled red onion, candied hazelnut, red wine sauce, and homemade red cabbage ketchup is only four to five minutes, so don’t miss out!

Poke Bowls at Maison du Monde

When we said journey, we meant it! Maison du Monde Lounge Bar is taking you on a unique journey to Hawaii this spring. Starting on April 4, 2024, their offer will include Hawaiian Theme Night, as well as Poke Bowls, prepared using an authentic Hawaiian recipe. These meat, fish, and vegetarian bowls are a great choice for lunch or dinner. Prepare for great fun because there will also be cocktails and a Hula Hoop performance with tropical music played by their resident DJ.

Sushi Rolls at NOA

The Asian fusion restaurant NOA is another restaurant to visit and try their famous Nara Rolls. At first sight, these are the simplest rolls on their carefully curated menu, but when you try them, you will come to realize that, like with everything in life, the simplest things are the most beautiful. The perfectly prepared rice rolled with Nori algae and shrimps in tempura, cucumber, Japanese mayo, and chives is completed with lime zest, giving a splendid aroma to every bite. The subtle sweetness will make it your favorite roll.

Dry Aged Meat at Perla Square

All premium meat lovers are in for a treat at Perla Square Restaurant in Portonovi! Choose between their Ribeye Steak, Tomahawk Steak, Sirloin Steak, T-bone, and Steak, and you can’t go wrong because they offer the best quality meat kept in a Dry Ager fridge and baked in a special Josper oven, making it incredibly soft and delicious. Enjoying these delicacies is a combination of tradition, innovation, and dedication to creating a perfect dish that will delight all senses.

Seafood Risotto with a Twist at Rockfish Restaurant


This dish comes with an interesting background story of love, rivalry, and jealousy with a great culinary twist, and who doesn’t love that? Three sisters from this legendary tale came from a prominent family in Boka Bay, and they were all in love with the same man. However, torn between the three beautiful sisters, he decided to marry a girl from another family. Struck with grief and jealousy, and in an attempt to ruin the wedding feast, the sisters added squid ink to the dishes of the banquet. The plan failed because the guests loved it, so unknowingly, they created a recipe for a dish that would become a favorite. Now, you can try it at Rockfish Restaurant – made with creamy rice, delicacies from the ocean, and a drop of squid ink; we are sure it will become your favorite, too.

Homemade Products at Vinarija Restaurant


Vinarija Restaurant offers a wide range of local and international wine labels that go great together with traditional recipes on their menu. You must try fresh produce and products in this restaurant. Homemade olives, tomato, cheese, and bread taste incredible. It may sound simple, but this is just one of those things that cannot be put into words; they must be experienced to comprehend fully.

  • Signature Dishes at One&Only Portonovi


Turbot Butter Ponzu at Tapasake

Located in the splendid One&Only Portonovi, Tapasake always brings exciting tastes. Try their Turbot Butter Ponzu, a local favorite that combines the flavors of Spain with a hint of Japan. Inspired by the traditional potato and chard-based dish, this specialty features cauliflower and sesame cream with a unique twist of iconic smoky Japanese touch. Paired with local turbot and topped with an Amazu Ponzu Butter that adds the perfect sweet and sour touch to complete the dish.

Lamb in Milk at La Veranda

As expected, La Veranda brings a traditional and delicious dish you must try! Here, the traditional slow cooking techniques meet the modern culinary flair, and that’s how magic happens. La Veranda’s Lamb in Milk is perfectly tender and almost too good to be shared, so have that in mind when ordering. Speaking of traditional with a modern twist, we have a bonus recommendation – Strawberries and Kajmak. Kajmak, made in the Balkans since the 15th century, is a popular breakfast option not often found in desserts, but La Veranda offers this delicious creamy flavor of young kajmak paired with local wild strawberries and the classic Mediterranean taste of basil and pink peppercorns to enhance the sweetness.

Queen Elena Pizza at Sabia

Sabia Restaurant at One&Only is the essence of Italy. Try their Queen Elena Pizza, an ode to the beloved Queen Elena of Italy. This signature dish focuses on the freshest ingredients, perfectly combining Montenegrin produce with the iconic Italian pizza. You won’t find this dish on their standard menu, but it finds its way to the top of the Sabia specials menu every night – don’t miss it.

Waffermania at GODO 

Did you think we would finish without sweets? Impossible. And GODO is our place of choice when it comes to everything deliciously sweet, including the best ice cream and pastries. This spring, their number one specialty is Waffermania – an ice cream made of tasty hazelnut cream and white chocolate with crispy hazelnut cookie crumble. Sounds delicious? And we guarantee that both kids and adults will enjoy it the same.

Exploring the culinary landscapes of Portonovi restaurants is an adventure for all your senses. From pizza at Romeo & Juliet to Seafood Risotto at Rockfish and Waffermania at GODO, this is an adventure taking place at the most beautiful location and has all the ingredients that will leave you feeling content. Come and enjoy it fully this spring.

Choose happiness this spring and try the dishes we suggested at restaurants in the resort. Also, you can see our rental offer and make it a complete experience.

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