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May 31, 2024

Portonovi Summer 2024: We're in for Another Unforgettable Season!

Amazing events in the season of 2024 in Portonovi have already started. Experience the magic of Portonovi summer, where an exciting array of events is tailored to delight all profiles and generations of visitors and guests. We've thought of everyone - kids, sports enthusiasts, concert-goers, art lovers, sailors, wine buffs... We’re all in for a wonderful summer.

Some of the events that have already been announced are:


Whether you like to participate or just watch sports, we have you covered:

  • Portonovi will host the first 3x3 FIBA tournament in 2024. There will be some great basketball matches, and it's always great fun to come and cheer for a team.
  • For those more active, Portonovi Summer Rise 2024 is a great opportunity to explore the surroundings and go on a stimulating hiking tour in June. Embrace the challenge!
  • Speaking of challenges, the Portonovi Outdoor Workout Session is scheduled for June, and we invite all fitness enthusiasts to take part.


After another great regatta, EST 105, that took place in May this year, the fifth Portonovi Regatta, "Boka Islands," will be held in June. In addition to everything the beautiful regatta offers on the sea, the fun will continue on the shore, with a friendly atmosphere and delicious food.

Kids' Events

We always say that kids are our favorite guests. And kids' events are always the most fun. This summer's edition of kids' games is called Portonovi Aqua Fun, and they will include water games that both kids and parents will enjoy. Mark your calendars for June 23.


Portonovi is already well-known as the place with the best concerts, no matter the season, so why change something that works? This summer, we will once again have a great time singing along to great songs in a beautiful location.

  • The Local Brass Orchestra is one of the traditional performances, which will delight the audience in the resort once again with their skillful interpretation combining traditional and modern music.
  • We will also have the opportunity to enjoy the Symphony Orchestra - Best of the 80s in July and relive the iconic hits of one of the most prolific decades in the history of music.
  • One of the region's most beloved singers, Tijana Bogićević, will have a concert in August, and you mustn't miss her incredible voice and emotion.
  • A fusion of rock and classical music that promises a unique experience - Rock Opera - is scheduled for August. The peculiar combination of genres and world-class musicians will make sure you remember this concert for a long time.

Wine Tasting 

Wine-tasting nights are also a tradition in Portonovi. This concept combines great music and some of the best regional and world wine exhibitors. This year, in July, the Croatian singer Natali Dizdar will entertain the guests.

Art Events

This summer, there are also some great events for art lovers.

  • Nikola Žigon Art Exhibition in June, where the audience will have the opportunity to witness the artist's creative process.
  • Biljana Keković Art Exhibition in July, which will be in the heart of Portonovi for 15 days.

There's something for everyone - plan your trip to Portonovi and immerse yourself in all the wonderful events. For more details about events, see our Calendar of Events, and stay up to date with everything planned for the upcoming months.

Check out our rental offer – because visitors easily turn into guests - it’s better to plan ahead.

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