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23 August 2023

We Connect Traditional and Modern: Be Part of Extraordinary Fun in Portonovi

Let’s Go Back to Childhood: Portonovi as a Sports Field for Time Travel

How the Olympic athletes used to take up sports? Most of them had to prove themselves in the schoolyard.

Numerous games children enjoyed used to be a filter for the start of a sports career. Have we forgotten about these games? Why haven’t we passed them on to younger generations?

It’s time to get reminded of the basics that used to be an amazing introduction to sports activities and use them to continue the story of the Olympic Games in Paris 2024.

The Montenegrin Olympic Committee and Portonovi present “RetrOlympics.” We connected the traditional and modern times and created a unique event that will take place in Portonovi Central Park!

Retro Games: Marbles, Hopscotch, “kockice”

We created space for great fun in multiple sectors for our time together on August 26. In the first sector, you will find games that have brought joy to generations over and over again. Marbles, hopscotch, and “kockice” – find your favorite childhood fun.

Whatever you choose, fun is guaranteed, as well as competitive spirit, togetherness, and mutual support. When we mentioned games from the schoolyard, among other things, we referred to the famous dodgeball. A lot of skill and preciseness was necessary to win, and it sure brought lots of excitement and space to compete. Elastics is also a great choice to be more physically active.

Don’t Get Mad, Man

The game “Don’t Get Mad, Man” will be the crown jewel of our “RetrOlympics.” It won’t be played on a board but a significantly larger playing field. All of us will be the playing pieces - parents, kids, athletes, all visitors. That will make this whole event special.

A large die will show who has more luck, but choosing to make the right move will decide the winner. Games such as musical chairs, blind man’s buff, or limbo, will contribute to the development of tactical thinking, planning, and focusing kids’ attention. That’s why these games are part of a special sector.

Challenge Your Sports Idol, And Become Part of Their Success

The best thing is that we will have a chance to compete in these activities in Portonovi with our favorite athletes. We will be joined by former and active Olympic athletes. Beat them in your favorite retro game. You will get a chance to become part of their best results. The idea is to present Olympic success through photos and give visitors a simple opportunity to be part of what was recorded as the history of Montenegrin sports – with a photo frame, all visitors can be part of those photos.

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