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05 August 2022

The Upcoming Roman Đuranović Exhibition at the Pizana Gallery in Portonovi

The new exhibition called HAPPY PEOPLE by the famous Montenegrin painter Roman Đuranović will be opened at the Pizana gallery in Portonovi on Friday, August 12th, 2022.

The famous artist had several independent and group exhibitions, and after Podgorica, Cetinje, Ljubljana, Skopje, Budva, Belgrade, Novi Sad, Dresden, Berlin, Barcelona, New York, Vancouver, Dusseldorf, and Ankara, his works will arrive in Herceg Novi this August.

Roman Đuranović studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo and graduated in graphic design from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje. In the early phase of his work, his paintings were dominated by urban spaces characteristic of modern people presented as caricatures in unusual situations that look theatrical. Later, during the development of his artistic direction, the actors remained the same, but the spaces changed and became more specific and recognizable.

The trademark of Đuranović's works is a figure representing a combination of a dog and a shark. In some of his works, it is just a figure; in others, it is an indifferent observer, and sometimes, it is an active participant. Roman Đuranović is an artist with a recognizable expression, almost spontaneous when it comes to our art scene. His expression also has an energy that opened up space for many significant influences in the course of time, not only in terms of motive but also on the formal level. He is also distinguished by the way he presents ordinary people, who are seeking admiration, usually expressed through teenage gestures and flashy wardrobe combinations he puts on his characters.

"For fifteen days, we will pay tribute to the moment together in Portonovi. This exhibition, like all the previous ones, invites us to be the main characters, although we can choose to be only observers. Whatever the case, we will give an additional stamp to everyday life through our existence," Đuranović pointed out.

Ljiljana Milošević, the Owner of the Pizana Gallery, took part in Geneva Arts Fair and has been representing Montenegrin artists for years, so their works were presented at the Art Basel in Miami. The participant of the Landscape Biennial in Novi Sad pointed out that it is always a great pleasure when prominent local and regional artists have exhibitions at Pizana.

"Over the course of more than thirty years since the gallery has been open, numerous renowned artists from our area, with different sensibilities and poetics, exhibited in the gallery, in both individual and group exhibitions. Thanks to this, Pizana has become a space for mutual contact between artists, but also an intermediary in communication with creative potential and a place that is completely favorable to the audience. The Pizana Gallery is also known for the exhibitions 15 Minutes of Fame by Andy Warhol (in cooperation with the Visconti Fine Art Gallery from Ljubljana) and Divine Worlds by Salvador Dali, an exhibition in cooperation with Analytica Consulting.

Roman Đuranović held exhibitions in our gallery before, and his works are on permanent display in Podgorica and Herceg Novi. Now the time has come for the public on the coast to get to know him even better," said Milošević.

In Portonovi, the Pizana Gallery works on organizing creative projects and events, focusing on local, regional, and international cooperation of artistic groups, individuals, and networks, as well as all creative people and institutions related to culture and all other segments of society. One of the main goals of the collaboration between the gallery and Portonovi is to make art available and close to everyone.