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13 October 2023

The Movie by Ivan Marinović, Partly Filmed in Portonovi, Premieres in Tallinn

The premier of the “Forever Hold Your Peace” movie by Ivan Marinović will have its world premiere at the 27th Black Nights Film Festival in Tallinn. This touching and explosive Montenegrin comedy was partly filmed in Portonovi.

The storyline follows exciting events just before and during a wedding. The plot thickens when the rebel bride, two days prior to the wedding, decides to change her mind about getting married. However, the groom’s father doesn’t allow the wedding to be canceled.

Tallinn Festival Program Curator Edvinas Pukšta said that the movie is not only about a wedding. “Charming traditions ironically blend with strict rules, authentic local chants, and crazy customs in a mad reunion. Muted accusations, hidden desires, and repeated flaws ignite a steamy conflict between hating relatives,” said Pukšta.

Pukšta also pointed out that Marinović is probably the only Montenegrin capable of making up such profoundly hilarious situations out of unhappiness, misery, selfishness, envy, illness, alcoholism, and wickedness. “His debut comedy “The Black Pin” traveled to 50+ festivals and established the Balkan comic standard. Skilfully penned farce entangles an impressive gang of talented and awarded Balkan cinema stars in cheerful twists, weird drunk jokes, indecent affairs, absurd pranks, and the dance of fake smiles when your soul is just upset,” added Pukšta.

The cast is made of actors/actresses from the region - Tihana Lazović, Goran Bogdan, Snježana Sinovčić Šiškov, Momčilo Pićurić, Goran Slavić, and others.

Black Nights Tallinn Festival is an A-category festival, also known as the biggest movie festival in the north of Europe.