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23 November 2023

Some of the Most Prestigious Modern Yachts Came to Boka Bay – See Where They Are Now

Did you know that the oldest motor yacht in the world was built in the distant 1906? The yacht was named Kalizma, and it was one of the symbols of love between the legendary couple Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Kalizma will be anchored in Portonovi Marina, in the heart of Boka Bay, in the upcoming period. The Marina also hosted the imposing superyacht Bold, one of today's most superior vessels, and a perfect example that Portonovi combines the traditional and modern in all aspects - with the unavoidable air of luxury.

This will be a treat for all yacht and luxury lovers, having in mind that Kalizma and Bold are among the most prestigious and intriguing vessels in the world, which is another confirmation that Portonovi Marina is very attractive – in addition to the fact that it hosted numerous yachts and boats this year.

Kalizma, an elegant 50-meter-long yacht, went through a series of owners since 1906. Still, the most famous were the actor couple Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, who bought it in 1967 and often used it to cruise the Mediterranean. Kalizma was their privacy oasis, a haven away from the prying eyes of the world and media, a place where they created many unforgettable memories. Today's owner, Indian businessman Shirish Saraf, the Founder of Samena Capital, bought the yacht at an auction in 2019 and decided to restore it completely, so today Kalizma is as beautiful as ever.

Opposite Kalizma is Bold – an 85-meter-long superyacht built in the Australian shipyard SilverYachts as a symbol of innovation and luxury. From its first sail last summer, it captivated the world with its distinctive design and state-of-the-art characteristics. In the first six months, it sailed more than 20,000 nautical miles, exploring the world's oceans. This yacht, in addition to promising spectacular moments out at sea, at the same time inspires the future of the nautical industry, so its arrival in Portonovi Marina is a chance to meet the technological marvel of the modern age.