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19 July 2022

Sergej Ćetković Concert in Portonovi

FFCarnivals are a decades-long tradition in the Bay of Kotor, and hundreds of people gather to enjoy the creativity of masks and music and have a good time every year.

This summer, Portonovi is joining the tradition. This season, a rich entertainment program attracted numerous local and foreign guests. The international carnival on the streets of the luxury resort will be held on Saturday, July 23rd, starting at 9 PM. In addition to the celebration organized in cafes and restaurants, Sergej Ćetković will perform for visitors in Portonovi that evening. His concert will take place on the main square - Marina Square, starting at 9:30 PM. As he is very popular with the local audience and the audience from the region, there has already been a great interest in Sergej's concert. His performance will certainly represent a slightly different version of the carnival celebration, with a lot of emotion and warmth the audience is used to feeling during all his performances.

Additionally, the carnival will attract many foreign troupes that will bring the spirit of European and world carnivals to Portonovi. The carnival night will be fun for the youngest and those a bit older, as well as everyone who loves a good atmosphere, delicious food and drinks, and socializing with the best music.

You can buy tickets for Sergej Ćetković's concert via GigsTix.