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22 October 2021

Portonovi – from Former Military Base to One of the Biggest Investments and Base of Luxury and Tranquility in Montenegro

What started out as an ambitious project on the grounds of former military base Kumbor, today is one of the most luxurious resorts in this part of the world. An idyllic waterfront village with 1.8km of coastline and 26 impressive hectares, Portonovi hosts a diverse list of noteworthy developments. This unspoiled destination combines wellness, exceptional real estate, and contemporary gourmet restaurants to create a tranquil yet luxurious place to call home. Less than an hour’s drive from international airports Dubrovnik and Tivat, Portonovi is also easily accessible, with a helipad for those preferring private charter, but also a state-of-the-art marina and private garage.

The best example of how the management and all teams of this hospitality machinery have done an amazing job is the fact that during the peak season, Portonovi rental capacities - all rental residences, as well as Europe’s first One&Only Resort, were fully booked and continued to receive guests with high demand until the end of September.

”Every inch of Portonovi resort is a fruit of hard planning and paying great attention to details. But if there is one thing we are most proud of, it is most definitely our residences - the collection of homes brought to market within the Portonovi residential portfolio. There are 218 residences to buy; a part of them is in our rental program, a unique offer for homeowners wishing to attain an income when not in residence. These finely crafted studios and apartments incorporate a modern touch but stay true to the surrounding heritage architecture of Herceg Novi. While respecting the long-lived legacy of the location, the project team understood the future legacy must be focused on offering a fully engaging experience with something for every generation of guests and visitors,” stated Rashad Aliyev, the CEO of Azmont Investments.  

Portonovi has also become a distinguished hub for attracting micro-investors, chosen to bring customer experience and services to the next level,which also boosts employment rates, the competitiveness of the market and promotes the offer of local farmers and other producers. Promoting the tradition, culture, and gastronomic heritage of Boka Kotorska is at the core of the business and one of the ways of giving back to the community.

The opening of One&Only Portonovi is just another steppingstone of the journey, as well as an encouragement and guarantee of quality for the high-paying clientele who have strict standards. A global brand of this scale accelerates Montenegrin and regional growing presence globally but also confirms the company’s commitment towards the country and its future. The benefits of hosting the first One&Only outpost in Europe are numerous. Every tourist, regardless of being a future guest of the resort or hotel, will have Montenegro high on the radar after hearing that such an exclusive brand chose this unique part of the world.

The same goes for new investors – nothing gives credibility as a potential choice for investment as projects that are already recognized and successfully growing. And for Portonovi, for sure, the best stories have yet to be told.