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15 July 2023

Portonovi Continues to Have Great Attendance: Nina Badrić Put on a Concert to Remember Last Night

Portonovi Resort continues to invest in event tourism in July and August, and numerous concerts and sports events were announced for the rest of the season. New in the series of successful events organized by the Portonovi team is the magical concert of the regional star Nina Badrić, which took place in Portonovi Marina Square last night.

We were led by the idea to organize events interesting to people from Montenegro and visitors from different countries around the world, explains the Director of Marketing and Communications at Portonovi, Adrijana Husić.

"The events we organized so far brought really positive reactions, both from visitors and people who live in Portonovi. All this is an additional incentive for us to continue and to extend the tourist season through these activities," Husić points out.

That this strategy is really successful is shown by the data on the large number of visitors to the resort in the previous period, which surpasses the results from the reference years.

“We are particularly pleased that we have an increasing attendance, almost 30% higher compared to the previous year, which is extremely important for Portonovi, considering that 2022 is our reference year," added the Director of Marketing and Communications.

Concerts continue to attract great interest from a large audience, and among the big stars Portonovi has already hosted this year are Jelena Rozga, Amira Medunjanin, Petar Grašo, and last night, the Croatian singer Nina Badrić made her big return to the resort scene.

"I have to admit that a few years ago in Portonovi, I had the honor of opening this beautiful resort with the Gipsy Kings and that I am happy to be back now because I know it will be wonderful," said Badrić before the performance.

At last night's memorable concert, the great regional star with a recognizable sentiment made a cross-section of her almost thirty-year-long career, and there was something for everyone in the repertoire. The audience consisted of all generations and had the opportunity to enjoy hits such as Nek ti bude kao meni, Dani i godine, Čarobno jutro, Dodiri od stakla, as well as the performance of a new hit song Nemoj, Badrić recorded in collaboration with Petar Grašo.

“In only two weeks since it was published, the song “Nemoj” gathered more than a million views, which is a great pride and joy. Collaboration with Petar was Wonderful, it is great to work with a friend with whom you understand and vice versa. I have known him for a long time, so for us, it was a great joy and a wish we fulfilled,” said the talented singer.

The audience showed that they already knew the lyrics to all the songs, and the energy was great throughout the concert. Badrić showed why she is considered one of the biggest regional stars, and the audience rewarded her with thunderous applause.

The enjoyment of quality music from the region will continue tonight with a concert by the Croatian band Detour, which will perform in Marina Square starting at 9:30 PM, and resort visitors will attend a rich cultural-entertainment program in the coming period.

"We are especially proud of two large symphonic tribute concerts, dedicated to ABBA (July 21) and Queen (August 5), as well as the concert of the big stars, the Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra, which will perform on August 9 in Portonovi. In addition to all these events, all our tenants and restaurants located in Portonovi have a program almost every day, and this really makes Portonovi the address to be at this year," said the Director of Marketing and Communications at Portonovi, Adrijana Husić.