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08 January 2023

Petar Grašo: This Is a Fairy-tale Place

After the phenomenal concert by Amira Medunjanin, visitors of Portonovi Resort had the opportunity to enjoy the hits of Petar Grašo last night. The festive atmosphere still lasts in one of the most beautiful resorts, and it is a place of good entertainment which was evident from the crowded Marina Square last night.

The Director of Marketing and Communications of Portonovi Resort, Adrijana Husić, said that they are very happy with the number of visits during December and January.

“What makes us happy are the comments we receive from guests who either stayed in Portonovi or were part of these events. We are glad they will take nice memories and that Portonovi is becoming a destination in Montenegro, no matter the season,” she said.

Husić also mentioned that in organizing said events, they realized how much they could offer as a destination and what their visitors want.

“What follows are the preparations for the summer season. New programs and surprises are certain to come from Portonovi,” she concluded.

One of the most famous Croatian singers - singer-songwriter and composer Petar Grašo said he was in Portonovi before and added that for a long time, he hasn’t felt like a guest in Montenegro.

“This is a fairy-tale place - it’s unreal and very beautiful. It’s a pleasure to be here on Christmas and to see this many people. An hour and a half of love, singing, and a small spectacle, I believe it to be what all of us need,” he said.

Grašo mentioned that during the COVID-19 pandemic, he missed live gigs, performances on squares, and contact with the audience.

“That was a very uncertain time, especially for our profession. When the whole world is under lockdown, the last thing people think about is music. And in the same way, when everything reopened, people realized how much they missed music. So, this year we had around a hundred performances, and I can say that we have never worked more,” he said.