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22 December 2023

Montenegro Essence Concert, Which Left the Audience in Portonovi Breathless This Summer, Is Now Available Online

As we all well know, music has the ability to connect people with destinations, and just that is the case with the project of Montenegro Essence Guitar Duo Srđan Bulatović and Darko Nikčević. The concert was held at the end of this summer in Portonovi, and it gave a unique outline of what Portonovi has been since it was built – a place where visitors get the best of Montenegro.

Musical works inspired by traditional Montenegrin music forming a special connection with Montenegro and Portonovi Resort are available on YouTube at the link- starting today.  

“Montenegro Essence project represents a new sound, adapted to the contemporary listener, their feelings and needs,” said the guitar duo and added that it was created as a combination of the sound of two guitars with other instruments, providing listeners with a treat through visual and sound diversity.

The audience in Portonovi had the opportunity to hear the premiere of two new compositions, part of which was inspired by traditional Montenegrin music. Bulatović said that they found inspiration for those compositions in various places in Montenegro.

“Those are mostly compositions we recorded for two guitars. However, for this occasion, we made an arrangement for such a large orchestra,” added Bulatović.

Darko Nikčević said their goal was to give the audience energy, not take it and make people tired after the concert. “Our goal is to make people leave the concert in a better mood, more content, and with an experience they will remember at least for a while,” added Nikčević.

With Portonovi, as they pointed out, they have had great cooperation from the beginning, and they presented together at special events in Dubai and Baku.

"The Montenegro Essence concert is especially important to us because this cooperation has lasted from 2019 and was one of the first presentations of Portonovi to the Montenegrin and international market," said the Director of Marketing and Communications at Portonovi, Adrijana Husić, and added that they have always tried to present the best of Montenegro through Portonovi.

"We have often said that Portonovi is actually Montenegro essence because here you can find the best of Montenegrin offer," added Husić.

The works performed by this ensemble are a fusion of art and popular music genres of the 20th         century. “They are characterized by authenticity reflected in irregular rhythms from the Balkans, corresponding with the beauty of Mediterranean and oriental music that add special esthetics and mysticism. What stays consistent is the language between the two guitars, classical and flamenco,” explained Nikčević and Bulatović.

From December 23 to January 7, Festive Market will be organized in Portonovi, with everyday concerts and a light show never before seen in Montenegro. For more information about events, visit their page.

Photographs from the event are available at the link.