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December 09, 2023

Why One&Only Portonovi Private Homes Are a Splendid Property to Own

Overlooking the serene waters of Boka Bay, the jewel of the Adriatic, One&Only Portonovi private homes are at the ultimate location – Portonovi Montenegro. Combining the shades of Norwegian fjords and Lake Como come to mind when you gaze at the serpentine bay, which is also the largest bay on the Adriatic Coast. It is lined with impeccably preserved ancient towns, medieval fortresses, old stone churches, and quaint fishing villages that add to its charm. 

Find out why these properties are your ultimate investment opportunity:

Private Homes

The elegant One&Only Portonovi luxury two-story waterfront private homes are 600 square meters of inviting space that will allow you to host or simply enjoy your private heaven. Featuring a private beach, private dock, and huge terrace, you'll have plenty of space and much-needed privacy to enjoy life just as you deserve.

Tailor-Made Services

From exclusive events to priority bookings, special discounts, and so much more – you will feel the benefits wherever you go. An especially treasured asset is the access to a global concierge service you will treasure.

One&Only Amenities

The luxury One&Only Portonovi amenities are a special treat. With access to premium facilities such as the world-renowned Chenot Espace Wellness Spa, gym, restaurants, and beach bars, you will find everything for the perfect state of both body and soul.

Exclusive Global Network 

Last but not least - the global network that comes with owning a One&Only property is a major benefit. As a homeowner, you'll have access to exclusive events, priority bookings, and special rates all around the world. This makes owning a One&Only Portonovi private home not just a great investment but also a passport to luxury living.

The One&Only Portonovi private homes are the perfect choice for anyone looking for an unparalleled luxury living experience. The stunning properties themselves, combined with the tailor-made services, luxurious amenities, and global network, all make for a truly remarkable ownership experience. Whether you're a collector, investor, or simply someone who wants to live their best life, you can't go wrong with a One&Only Portonovi private home.

See One&Only Portonovi real estate offer of luxury waterfront properties and embark on a journey of ultimate sophisticated comfort.

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