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November 09, 2023

Trends for Furnishing Your Home in Style

There is a difference between a house and a home; furniture and other details make that difference. Things for your perfect home can be found in Trend Eichholtz, one of the retailers in Portonovi. You will find everything to create a luxurious, classic, or cozy home by the sea.

You don’t have to follow trends, but knowing and staying current is never a bad idea – you can always find something after your taste. This season brings something out of the box, new and unexpected, all the while still honoring timeless design with refined materials and colors. New statement pieces in soft, neutral colors, made of beautiful wood and gold-toned brass. Rich velvet and brushed brass add a touch of glamour to the beautiful shapes of furniture, lighting, and accessories.

Take a look at a short guide on current trends put together by Trend Eichholtz Portonovi:

Providing the utmost comfort, our chairs and sofas have unconventional designs that make you feel like you are looking at modernist sculptures. They quickly become the topic of every conversation, and the timeless upholstery makes them blend in any space.

Glass is an essential material, but now in new, striking forms. Side tables, especially those featuring thick handcrafted glass tops with a unique finish design, are a must.

Wood is always a safe choice. Its appeal is in bringing warmth to any space, and our new dining tables and chairs provide an inviting and welcoming atmosphere. These pieces of furniture add a touch of nature indoors and introduce a texture that combines beautifully with other materials.

Lighting is the holy grail of interior design. It can transform any space. Statement pieces from our autumn/winter collection are no exception to that. The new collection combines antique brass and the celestial beauty of alabaster, making it a harmonious dance of luxury and sophistication. The smooth shapes of alabaster used for chandeliers, floor, and table lamps illuminate like the moon on a clear evening. An intimate glow across the room is adjustable to create your atmosphere. Details made of antique brass are a luxurious final touch. At the same time, alabaster is a natural material, so each piece has a slight difference in color, opacity, and pattern, which makes it even more special.

When you want to elevate your space, the focus is on details and art pieces. This season’s collection is made of home accessories designed to last a lifetime and add the perfect finish to any space. Eichholtz accessories are made of a combination of traditional and contemporary materials. The modern simplicity of Eichholtz accessories is in skillfully handcrafted pieces made of solid stone, glass, nickel, and brass. Once you see them, it will be impossible to imagine your space without our new candle holders, vases, bowls, and sculptures radiating timeless beauty.

This season is all about lush, warm tones, earthy hues, and indulgent textures of nature with touches of color that pop out for a perfect contrast.

Furniture upholstery is one of the most important parts of interior design. Cream Bouclé has been one of our most coveted materials for its depth of texture, and now we have updated it in vivid and impactful colors, like Rouge and Rose Bouclé fabrics. The sumptuous velvet fabric can be used for upholstery of furniture but also for curtain design is presented in a multitude of lavish jewel tones inspired by gemstones – designed to add personality and depth to any space. When set against a muted palette, these brighter hues add a touch of vivid opulence. Carpets and cushions combined with rich curtains and soft sheers made of natural materials with monochromatic color schemes or eye-catching geometric design patterns will add life and character to any space.

The importance of textiles can be seen and felt in the pre-furnished Portonovi residences. In addition to our partnership with Eichholtz, we proudly work with esteemed textile and wallpaper brands such as JAB, Dedar, Carlucci, Vescom, and London Art.

Trend Eichholtz Portonovi is your next stop if you want to improve your interior design and bring your space to the next level of comfort. Here, you will find everything you need to add a personal note to your home and make it your own with a touch of modern elegance and luxury. To find out more about the captivating new collection, please click here.

Visit the Trend Eichholtz Showroom in Portonovi and see the carefully curated collection of furniture, décor, and lighting in various settings that make shopping for furniture a piece of cake. Check out the rest of the Portonovi Retail Area for the ultimate shopping experience!

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