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Festive Season
August 30, 2022

Six Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Portonovi Seaside Residence

In Uncertain Times, Investment in Portonovi Real Estate is Undoubtedly One of the Better Decisions You Can Make 

As the saying goes – the only thing certain about the economy is its uncertainty. And with the inflation going up and recession creeping on us, this statement rings true.

Such economic crises can radically shift our finances, for good or bad. However, it all comes down to how you view the recession. Is it an opportunity to invest and secure your finances? Or are you more inclined to keep the part of the cash that isn't locked in stocks or options under the mattress? If you are asking yourself if you should invest in real estate, especially in a seaside property, during a recession, the answer is a resounding – yes. If you are agile in your thinking, you know that purchasing a property with a good cash flow can make you profit even in a recession. And experts back up your thinking.

Real Estate Is Often Bulletproof to Recession

Historical data shows that the value of real estate continues to increase despite numerous economic downturns and volatile markets. They confirm that thanks to its stability, investing in real estate, even during a recession, can strengthen your portfolio and turn the odds in your favor. The last recession of 2008 taught us that, unlike shares, real estate provides long-term stability during the market's instability. However, the catch is to purchase real estate in a brief window when you can buy property at a much more affordable price than before.

One of such real estate opportunities is - seaside real estate. Living near the sea has always been considered luxurious living. Residents in coastal communities often have a much more enjoyable lifestyle than city dwellers because everything is within walking distance. Activities like the beach, swimming, and healthy doses of sunshine and fresh air positively affect mental and physical health.

If Seaside Property Is on Your Bucket List, Go for It!

So it's pretty understandable that people are yearning for a beach house or an apartment that can bring them an excellent income return and a unique second home. Many investors who purchase homes rent them out during peak tourism times – for example, from May to October. This way, their rental income covers the expenses for the whole year - and sometimes for much longer. So, if managed right, renting out a coastal apartment may help the owner live practically for free during off-peak season.

Six Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Portonovi Seaside Residence_1_alt

If you are interested in investing in seaside property, let's explore why Portonovi, one of the best-selling coastal properties in Montenegro, might be the best answer to your needs. Montenegro is an all-season destination with a perfect climate and amazing sights, boasting two UNESCO World Heritage Sites and numerous opportunities for daily trips and entertainment options. Portonovi, which sits nearby Herceg Novi, is blessed with an incredible micro-climate, making it a place for an ideal second home.

      1. Location is everything, and Portonovi is a winner.

We can all agree that location is the most critical factor when considering where to invest. And the location of Portonovi, a stunning 60-acre resort set in the prime location of Boka Bay in Montenegro, speaks volumes. At the bay entrance, located between Mount Orjen and beautiful Adriatic shores, Portonovi is a next-level lifestyle destination, considered by experts as one of the most enticing opportunities for those thinking about investing in seaside real estate. It is perfectly connected with surrounding towns and easily accessible by a private yacht, should you consider arriving from the sea. Tivat airport is just 18 kilometers away, and with direct flights to all major European cities, you can easily hop on to your next summer adventure.

Six Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Portonovi Seaside Residence_2_alt

       2. Portonovi is on the luxury traveler's list. 

Montenegro is a vibrant tourism-based economy catering to the top 10% of luxury travelers. Indeed, this gorgeous country is, without doubt, becoming Europe's leading luxury destination and is currently the 5th growing tourist destination worldwide. To keep up with the demand, the region has seen extensive infrastructure development in recent years, with reputable overseas companies recognizing the potential of Montenegro and investing in hefty budgets. For example, experts estimate that more than 5 billion euros will be invested in luxury resorts in Montenegro in the coming years. Also, Montenegro has a very business-friendly environment and preferential tax rates - Corporate and income tax sits at just 9%, with real estate transactions at just 3%. VAT is set at 21% and is refundable on most real estate transactions. The nation also has Double Taxation Treaties with over 40 other countries, including the UK, Switzerland, and China.

       3. A reputable developer envisioned Portonovi.

In this remarkable place, people of all ages and generations can fully enjoy the present moment. A carefully planned resort with a state-of-the-art marina is ideal for those who seek a perfect mix of local spirit, soulful character, and human touch.

Six Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Portonovi Seaside Residence_3_alt

The vision for Portonovi is crafted by Azmont Investments, a reputable developer whose goal was to create Portovnovi as a timeless lifestyle destination consistently exceeding the expectations of its visitors and its sophisticated community. With a total value of 828 million euros, Portonovi represents Azmont's largest international destination project. As a responsible corporate citizen, Azmont pays special attention to the community's well-being, developing thoughtfully planned CSR programs and taking care of the environment.

       4. Portonovi is a lively destination full of events. Even in the off-season! 

The summer season has a record-breaking number of guests and visitors every year thanks to beautiful surroundings, pristine beaches, a rich entertainment program, and an ideal fusion of world music stars and local culture. However, Portonovi doesn't come alive only during summer – it's buzzing with excitement year-round and turning into Boka Bay's heart of social life. You can taste international and local delicacies in excellent restaurants and vibrant bars, and chefs are working hard to satisfy the palate of always demanding guests. A wide variety of events, including art exhibitions, concerts, and carnivals, will undoubtedly provide a much-needed break from the stresses of daily life.

       5. Portonovi has all you might desire for a comfortable life. 

Historically, all properties increase in value over time; however, due to the exuberant offer Portonovi has, a property here could appreciate faster than the ones located elsewhere. Exceptional homes were designed by world-renowned architects with respect to surroundings, using natural materials and finding inspiration in the Mediterranean style. Being an authentic, vibrant village - in Portonovi, you will find everything you need to enjoy life fully - from chic restaurants, cafés, shops, and bars to tennis clubs and numerous swimming pools. In a luxury beach club in world-class Portonovi Marina, you can spend your mornings - in an ideal work-from-home setting. And let Chenot Espace Health Wellness Spaa world-class health spa, be your getaway for ultimate pampering and relaxation. Thanks to all these amenities, you will get a great resale value even if you decide to sell your home in Portonovi.

      6. Your property in Portonovi is taken care of 24/7

Property management can sometimes be a full-time business, and most owners can't manage all the tasks that might arise in the busy summer months when your apartment is on the market. This way, it is convenient to have an expert property management team, as we do in Portonovi, that can care for your place round-the-clock. From cleaning and maintenance such as air conditioning or refrigerator landscaping, our team can handle all the needs you or your rentees might have.

Six Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Portonovi Seaside Residence_4_alt

Remember - you cannot time the market, so owning your seaside residence might be a steady source of excellent recurring income. If you are interested in such an investment, let's explore the properties that might suit your needs.

Available properties are split between the Village Residences, the Marina Apartments, luxurious Sky Villas, and One&Only Private Homes. Each has its own identity, yet all share the essence of Portonovi, with ample space to relax, socialize and entertain – and easy access to the site's many cafés, shops, gyms, and bars.

Turn a dream into a reality and take the next step. Our Portonovi real estate is designed by world-class architects who blended the Village Residences, the Marina Apartments, Sky Villas, and One&Only Private Homes into surroundings, respecting both the environment and Mediterranean style. 

Whatever you choose, investing in Portonovi real estate will be one of the best decisions you've made. 

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