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June 28, 2023

Premium Kids’ Entertainment Options in Portonovi Resort

Portonovi is the place where everyone has fun, and so will your kids! This summer holiday, they can enjoy themselves at private residences and gardens, private or communal swimming pools, eat ice cream at Godo, explore the resort, or join you for a boat or yacht cruise - but that’s not all. In Portonovi Resort, kids’ events are organized especially for young ones – we want to make sure there are great options for their entertainment too!

See what we have on offer so that kids’ time in the resort would be well-spent:Premium Kids’ Entertainment Options in Portonovi Resort_img1_alt

Education and Socializing at Boka School International

Boka School International, an international preschool and primary school for children aged 3 to 12, is located in Portonovi. It provides education and extra-curricular activities all year round, and your children will be well taken care of by specially trained staff, all the while becoming proficient in the English language in a multicultural environment.Premium Kids’ Entertainment Options in Portonovi Resort_img2_alt

Parks and Open Playgrounds

In addition to being beautiful, the design of Portonovi was made with the intention to cater to all guests’ needs, with plenty of greenery and open spaces. With two parks – Hillside Park and Central Park, there is a lot of space for all kids’ activities. Your children will enjoy the open-air playgrounds while you sip a to-go coffee on a bench watching over them.Premium Kids’ Entertainment Options in Portonovi Resort_img3_alt

Sandy Beach for a Fun-Filled Day at Portonovi Beach Club

When we said everyone has fun in Portonovi, we meant the whole family, and what’s more fun than a day at the beach? Kids will have a blast playing in the sand while the parents sip refreshing beverages at Portonovi Beach Club. Or the whole family can enjoy a delicious meal, as we all know how hungry everyone gets after a day spent at the beach.Premium Kids’ Entertainment Options in Portonovi Resort_img4_alt

Portonovi Kids’ Games

Fully-packed customized kids’ events have become one of the traditions in the resort. Portonovi Kids’ Games were organized as part of Spring Saga, and there was a great interest in that event. As both parents and kids loved this event, Kids’ Games will be organized again in June, July, and August.Premium Kids’ Entertainment Options in Portonovi Resort_img5_altWith 24/7 security, numerous amenities, and unparalleled comfort, Portonovi Resort is an ideal choice for families with children. You won’t have to come up with ideas on how to keep your kids entertained because we have that covered. With all that the resort has to offer – including an international school, lots of open spaces, playgrounds, sandy beach… and even events organized especially for children! Your kids will be eager to come to Portonovi and look forward to each new stay.

Premium Kids’ Entertainment Options in Portonovi Resort_img6_alt

If you are looking for a place your family will enjoy during summer vacation as well as all year round – Portonovi Resort is the right choice you will be returning to. Make sure to check out our real estate offer, and whether you decide to rent or purchase, it will be the right decision for the whole family!

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