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March 11, 2024

Portonovi Fashion Trends 2024

Portonovi is the ultimate location, and only when it comes to beautiful scenery, vacation, and investment advantages - today, we're talking about fashion, and Portonovi has a lot to offer in this aspect. Olympus Fashion Boutique and other boutiques in the Portonovi Retail Area have an impressive offer. Fashion enthusiasts and all those who like to dress to impress, you're in the right place.

We bring you a list of fashion trends for 2024:

Corporate-Core Fashion

One of the biggest hits this year will be corporate fashion. It's no longer dull and uninspired - corporate wear now takes cues from luxury brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Brunello Cucinelli, and Bottega Veneta. Choose from a range of tailored pieces with a modern edge, and you can't go wrong. Check Olympus and keep in touch with the newest trends.  

Sheer Items

If you weren't so bold as to follow the previous trends of underwear worn as regular clothing items, this year will tone down that trend with transparent items for a more subtle look. Sheer, see-through skirts will particularly be the hit of the year. 

Micro Shorts

Runaways are where you look for a preview of the upcoming trends. This year's catwalks have featured micro shorts at various designer clothes shows, such as Gucci, Chanel, Alexander McQueen, and others. Pick your favorite and stay current.  

High-Rise Pants    

One of the more comfortable trends is coming back in style: high-waist pants. The Spanish house Loewe has shown the new super high-waist pants, and they look amazing, too! It will be the season's most defining silhouette - elongating the body and adding an air of sophistication to the whole outfit. 


Sequins and metallics never leave the fashion orbit. This year, we're going to see shimmer reigning, reflecting, and rightfully attracting attention. Expect it to come in all sizes and shapes, different styles, and casual and evening wear. These not only attract attention but also add character to every outfit. 

Clever Crafts 

Craft-inspired designers take the fashion stage this year. Creative director Matthieu Blazy of Bottega Veneta employs clever techniques to create illusions of texture and form. Playing with materials, such as pom-pom and fringed dresses, reminds us that fashion is indeed a form of art, and this can be applied to everyday outfits, too – visit Olympus for the best kind of inspiration. 

All White

Another one of the safe choices - spring/summer 2024 brings back will be all-white outfits that allow designers to play with different shapes and fabrics, providing us with countless options for elegant yet effortless style. For the ultimate summer experience, check out Aqua Boutique in Portonovi that offers a wide range of beachwear. 

Shoe Trends

This year, we'll see more boho-style than in previous seasons - bare feet, exposed toes, slippers, and flip-flops will be ever so present. We suggest sticking to what's popular in all major fashion cities, including stilettos, pantyhose, platform loafers, and micro-kitten heels. Olympus, Tenero and Prego Fashion are always a good choice so make sure to see their offer.  

Bag Trends  

This year, we'll have bags for every occasion. Expect a wide variety of styles and FFsome rather refreshing choices. From baguettes, beaded bags, unexpected shapes, striped-not solid, slouchy and effortless, charmed, belted detailing, burgundy, chrome effect, ice blue - whatever your preference, it will be in style!

The 2024 trends are far from mundane, but they bring an exciting mix of traditional and modern, giving you a chance to express yourself and be an artist in everyday life. Your outfit can look great and tell a story at the same time. It can even resonate with the place, and fashion just looks better in a beautiful setting, such as Portonovi – with the added benefit of boutiques offering all the major brands.

Ensure you are one step ahead fashion-wise - visit boutiques in the Portonovi Retail Area and revamp your wardrobe with number one fashion choices.


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