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Festive Season
November 22, 2022

Own and Monetize Your Real Estate in Portonovi Without a Hassle!

When you think of owning a vacation place, you're probably thinking about a beautiful home on the beach where you can go to escape the errands of daily life. However, what if your coastal property in Boka Bay can provide you with much more?

Owning a vacation property is an excellent investment that can generate a steady income stream. You might consider renting the property during the high season from May to September, and you can use it yourself during the rest of the year.

Investing in a rental certainly has its benefits, and some of them include additional passive income, tax deductions, and the opportunity to own a second home. However, owning a rental might come with extra work like - managing it, promoting it, and taking care of the guests. But not in Portonovi.

Our experienced property management team can handle everything for you, so you can go about your business and reap the benefits. Let's discuss three simple steps that you need to take to get your new property up and running in no time!

Own and Monetize Your Real Estate in Portonovi Without a Hassle!_1_alt

1. Purchase a property that is right for you

Portonovi is a highly sought-after area where rental properties maintain year-round profitability. Indeed, owning a property in such a location requires a higher down payment, but Portonovi's attractiveness and clientele will positively impact your property's profitability. Therefore, you will be able to charge more for rental, increasing your investment return.

Consider what type of property you would like to own, as it will directly impact its profitability:

  • Marina property facing the marina
  • Seafront property located directly on the beach, facing the sea
  • Property in the center of the village

If you aim to attract top-tier travelers, owning a sizeable luxurious home like an apartment on the beach or villa in Portonovi might be the best option. They are deemed more desirable, can achieve a higher price, and attract just the clients you want.

Own and Monetize Your Real Estate in Portonovi Without a Hassle!_2_alt

2. Decide between the furnished and unfurnished properties 

Travelers love coming to the immaculately furnished home. Rentals with large open-space areas and a well-stocked kitchen with the right amenities tend to do better. Hotel-quality linen mattresses with cozy bedding also add appeal and increase your vacation rental prices. However, all this requires much work, and you also might be short on ideas.

In Portonovi, you can choose among already impeccably furnished properties or opt for unfurnished ones. Should you select unfurnished ones, you can choose our Rental program through which our well-known architectural studios can help you furnish the property to your liking and equip it with the highest standard smart systems. This way, your rental property will be ready for the market in no time, and you wouldn't even have to break a sweat.

Own and Monetize Your Real Estate in Portonovi Without a Hassle!_3_alt

3. Offer guests the best possible experience

Providing guests with a five-star experience means they leave - a five-star review and also generate repeat visits.

Luckily, you don't have to do anything yourself, as our property management services will do most of the heavy lifting for you. Every property in Portonovi is cared for round-the-clock, thanks to our 24/7 security and management team, who handle cleaning, rental changeover, and any other needs your guests might have.

Our unique approach will provide you with more than satisfied guests, translating to repeat visits and an additional revenue stream.


Turn a dream into a reality and take the next step. Our Portonovi real estate is designed by world-class architects who blended the Village Residences, the Marina Apartments, Sky Villas, and One&Only Private Homes into surroundings, respecting both the environment and Mediterranean style. 

Whatever you choose, investing in Portonovi real estate will be one of the best decisions you've made. 

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