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August 14, 2023


In today’s world, we’re all striving towards achieving work-life balance. We’re all struggling to achieve it too. The trick is to find the ideal place that makes everything easier. That place is Portonovi Resort. It is the perfect setting for professionals and digital nomads alike, with all the conveniences at hand when it comes to remote working – and what’s more perfect than Mediterranean living in a beachfront property?

See why properties in Portonovi will be an ideal solution and a great investment opportunity:

Spacious residences to design a home office – make your own home studio. 

Sometimes, pictures can be deceptive, but when you come and see Portonovi for yourself, you will be in awe. Portonovi properties are not just beautiful but convenient as well. Every detail is in its place for a reason. The residences can also be adapted to suit all your needs - you can arrange your own home office according to your preferences, with an added benefit of a breathtaking view.

Plenty of coffee shops and corners to comfortably work remotely. 

No matter how much you love your office, sometimes you need a change. It’s always refreshing to change your surroundings, and Portonovi will provide you with numerous choices, so you can switch every day if you find that helps with productivity. 

All services are at your doorstep to make you concentrate on work. 

In Portonovi, you don't have to worry about a thing. There are services available to homeowners and all the conveniences you can think of. From laundry to supermarket and pharmacy - everything you might need is at hand.

Thousands of options for inspirational breaks. 

Lots of options for working are available, but there are just as many for charging your batteries. You’re on the coast, and just being here is restorative. Allow yourself to be swept away by the smell of the sea or get lost in the beautiful view. If you’re more for an active break, you can go for a swim in the sea, or have a jogging session along the Marina Promenade.

Investing in a Portonovi property is not just an excellent real estate opportunity. It is a long-term investment in upgrading your lifestyle, which will have the most amazing return on investment - your overall wellbeing. It is easier to work when you feel relaxed and happy, and with luxury amenities and everything Portonovi has to offer – you will live your best life here. 

Today is the day to make a positive change - take a look at our real estate offer, and start living your perfectly balanced life. If you prefer experiencing the resort and falling in love with it first, we also have a rental offer you can check out.

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