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May 14, 2024

Furnishing Trends of 2024. Eichholtz 2024 Style Guide

This season, we present the new collection through inspirational styles, each with its own unique characteristics, vibe, and lifestyle possibilities. With our 3 crafted looks—Parisian, Black Tie, and Palm Beach—plus our suggestions in 4 categories—furniture, lighting, accessories, and textiles—your home will be decorated according to the latest fashion.

Let’s explore the looks first:

Parisian Look 

Defined by softness, elegance, and the perennially chic city of Paris, our Parisian Look has a pared-back color palette and an air of sophistication. Think understated chic, the simplest of silhouettes, an edited collection of refined fabrics along with an overarching sense of timelessness, and that’s the key to Parisian style.

This classic, everlasting sensibility draws inspiration from the old-school elegance of Avenue Montaigne or Avenue George V, blended with the spirit of the Marais to result in a look that at once takes its cues from heritage architecture but blends easily with a more au courant (contemporary) take on an aspirational lifestyle.

There are influences here from classic Parisian fashion, where the precision of dressmaking collides with a laid-back looseness of dressing that results in something intrinsically chic and effortless—a certain je ne sais quoi. That same sensibility exists in the urban elegance of Parisian interiors: a restrained, often monochromatic color palette, the subtlest accents of brass or bronze—all of it feeling balanced and serene.

For Eichholtz, that means the careful curation of pared-back furniture heroes, such as streamlined seating, clean silhouettes in dining pieces, and a less-is-more approach with accessories. 

Black Tie

Our second look is Black Tie, a sleek and glamorous style that recalls the vibrancy of a metropolitan city and a classic version of uptown entertainment. With a picture of the essence of New York and its elegance in mind, what defines the Black-Tie Look is imagining the interiors of the most polished, alluring apartments of Park Avenue as the sun goes down, people dressed up and enjoying evening cocktails with scintillating conversation flowing.

Designed around the notion of sophisticated hosting, the most refined version of nightlife offers up a series of Eichholtz pieces that are beautifully proportioned and harmonious and encourage warmth. Impact comes from the considered curation of layering design in the form of the warm glow of lighting with the splendor of bar carts for on-the-spot cocktail making, adding depth to a room with gold-framed mirrors, expansive seating, and beautifully scraped dining tables – all of it creating the foundations for hosting the perfect, most tasteful of soirées.

Tailor-made for a stylish life, where everywhere you look feels pared-back and impeccable, the dark wood of furniture and the subtlety of golden accents in brass or bronze, all of it with a sensibility of genteel evening glamour.

Palm Beach 

Last but not least, Palm Beach is inspired by the warm, playful, and light atmosphere where the blues of the ocean and sky meet tropical colors and bold patterns. It is all about leaning into a laid-back summer sensibility created from a palette of sun-bleached shades belonging to nature, such as the softness of turquoise, the blue of the sea and sky, and the pale golden shade of sand.

Materiality feels tactile, textured, and ultra-relaxed, such as rattan, bamboo, lacquered and natural wood, and woven outdoor upholstery in outdoor seating. The key here is to create an overall sense of well-being and joy, a place where outdoor entertaining feels welcoming and fun, yet elegant.

There’s a subtle coastal vibe with great personality and charm, where opulence mixed with refined pieces feels both approachable and stylish. Think of walking along a boulevard full of serenity, such as Palm Beach, and there you have the most sophisticated way to embrace an elegant lifestyle.

This season will be a special one, and there are some must-have pieces. Take a look at our recommendations in the following 4 categories:


For 2024, we have been driven by contrast and texture, shapes and tones, color and spaces, as well as location and a sense of place. Design highlights from the new collection include 13 new fabrics in a series of elegant neutral tones and softened, earthy shades, as well as new products such as modular and organic sofa designs, natural jute cushions and stools, travertine tables, and outdoor lantern-style lighting. All of the new pieces live harmoniously with the existing collections, which we hope will help you explore your style.


This season is all about bringing a warm, stylish glow into the home with muted statement lighting and beautifully atmospheric lighting to create a refined, stylish appeal. The goal is to create elegant pools of glowing light with the curated placement of ceiling, table, and wall lamps that will add depth to the ambiance of a room, especially for evening entertaining. Highlights of gold, black, and smooth metal create a sophisticated and harmonious atmosphere.

The Classic Décor lighting and mirrored pieces and their glamorous undertones of vintage styling, combined with an antique brass finish, feel immediately sophisticated and playful and will bring plenty of personality to your interior design.

Lantern-style lighting with antique-style brass frames and white glass brings versatility and style to outdoor spaces.


The Eichholtz products combine tradition and different cultures, old and new technologies, and trends. The 2024 collection is all about European-made home accessories to decorate and design your interior, home, office, hotel, and restaurant.

 Some must-haves for this season are mirrors, serving trays, bowls, and sculptures inspired by natural shapes. Organically shaped pieces, meticulously handcrafted, will infuse your interior with a sophisticated, enduring charm.


Natural & neutral tones are the way to go in 2024. The calming impact of neutral-toned curtains is designed to create a serene haven for relaxation within a space. These curtains play a vital role in establishing a tranquil backdrop, infusing elegance that contributes to the overall sense of calm in your living space. With the versatile nature of neutral-toned curtains, you can effortlessly coordinate your decor with various furniture styles, fostering a harmonious atmosphere in any space you’re designing for. The subtle charm of neutral colors, spanning warm undertones like light pink or beige to cooler tones like light blue or grey, carries its unique symphony of emotional experience in every corner of your home or workspace.

An addition to the design of decorative pillows and home textile pieces is the use of fringes. The fringes boast craftsmanship as a special accessory.

Highlighted materials are woven textures and the use of jute. By adding them to the interior, one can create a sense of the outdoors and nature that at once feels charming, playful, and at one with nature. The pleasing roughness of jute is immediately refined when crafted into cushions, rugs, and fringed details.

One of the trendiest color palettes for carpets going through 2024 includes the neutral variety. Beige, taupe, ivory, grey, or coastal blue carpet colors are a must. Geometric patterns and organic shapes are very trendy, alongside the use of natural materials like wool and jute.

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