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February 29, 2024

Four Zen Hobbies to Try in Portonovi and Elevate Your Luxury Stay

Located in the fairy-tale-like setting of the Adriatic Coast, Portonovi is an idyllic resort in Montenegro’s own Boka Bay. Luxury apartments provide every comfort, and the resort is an authentic village with all the advantages you can think of, featuring premium amenities, shops, and services. You may be aware of all this, but did you know Portonovi is also a perfect setting to try new things? Let Portonovi be your oasis for cultivating new, tranquil hobbies and enriching your life with creativity, mindfulness, and an air of luxury.

We crafted a list of four relaxing hobbies you can try while in the resort and improve your stay:

  • Discover Portonovi through Photography 

In Portonovi, photography is not just a hobby; it is also a therapeutic art form. And where better than in the resort featuring imposing mountains, glittering waters of the breathtaking bay, and stunning architecture and nature within and surrounding it? Take your camera and capture your perspective on your new-found artistic haven.

  • Mindful Walking along the Beautiful Pathways of Portonovi   

Mindful walking is a technique you must try when you find a place that radiates calmness and serenity, such as Portonovi. It’s not about distance but about depth - the depth of introspection that settles in with each deliberate step on the resort’s carefully crafted paths. Connect with yourself and with nature and indulge in the fragrant Adriatic air. Stroll and reflect - your mind will become clearer, and silent gratitude will arise.

  • The Art of Coloring 

You may think that you have no creative bone in your body, and even if that is true, you should try coloring. Coloring books for adults were made common and incredibly popular some ten years ago, much due to the fact that adults, too, need a creative outlet, and coloring is the perfect option as there is a wide variety of choices and mediums. Imagine sitting on your apartment terrace, listening to the sound of the sea, sipping a delicious beverage, and using the perfect backdrop of the sea and mountains as a color palette inspiration for the picture you are coloring in – your nervous system will thank you.

  • Culinary Therapy in Portonovi 

Cooking can be art, and Portonovi will give you the opportunity to discover your talent. All of the luxury apartments feature a modern, fully-equipped kitchen that will allow you to try and make any dish you’d like. You can find the ingredients for your adventure in Idea Gourmet Supermarket in the resort, and you won’t lack inspiration; just visit the restaurants within the resort, and you will get an excellent idea of what it means to think outside the box when it comes to culinary endeavors.

Portonovi is more than a luxury destination; it is an environment that urges you to commit to your own well-being and engage in soul-enriching experiences. Through the camera lens, rhythm of your paces, color blending, or culinary delights, these zen hobbies will offer a deeper dimension to your stay or life in Portonovi. Transform the moments of leisure into creativity and mindfulness.

Check out the Portonovi rental offer or real estate offer if you are ready to invest in a better life. Come to the resort and use your time to re-discover yourself. 

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