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June 11, 2024

Best Beaches in Montenegro - For an Incredible Summer Adventure

Montenegro might be a small country, but it boasts some of the most stunning beaches on the Adriatic coast. If you’re planning to spend summer holidays in Montenegro, make sure to add these beaches to your trip itinerary, we guarantee an unforgettable experience. And as always, Portonovi will make for a great base for all your adventures in discovering the beauty of Montenegro.

See the six beaches for a perfect summer vacation in Montenegro:

Dobreč Beach in Herceg Novi Municipality 

* Photo: Portal Analitika

Dobreč Beach is a gem located in the Herceg Novi Municipality. Accessible only by boat, this secluded beach offers crystal-clear waters and a serene atmosphere for a day of true relaxation. It’s the perfect spot for travelers seeking peace and natural beauty away from the crowds.

One&Only Resort Beach 

Located within the luxurious One&Only Portonovi Resort, this exclusive beach offers a premium experience with top-notch amenities, as expected from a world-class resort. Recently, that was confirmed by Forbes – it was included in their "14 Best Beach Resorts In Europe 2024". As they state, "Pine-covered rippling mountains rise from turquoise Adriatic Sea, creating a dramatic landscape that stands apart from other European destinations."  The pristine sand and attentive service make it an ideal choice for everyone looking for a luxurious and relaxing beach day.

Plavi Horizonti 

* Photo: Facebook Page Plavi Horizonti Beach

Plavi Horizonti, or as their translation says, “Blue Horizons.”  This beach lives up to its name – with its mesmerizing blue waters and expansive sandy shores. Located in Tivat, this beach is surrounded by lush greenery and shallow water, making it a favorite among families with children.

Mogren Beach

* Photo: Ilija Perić Rajda

Mogren Beach, located near the historic town of Budva, consists of two sandy coves connected by a tunnel. It’s known for its stunning scenery and vibrant atmosphere. Whether you’re looking to swim, explore the nearby cliffs, or simply relax, Mogren is a great choice.

Velika Plaža 

* Photo: TO Ulcinj

Velika Plaža, or “Long Beach,” is 12 kilometers long and located near the Ulcinj. It’s the longest beach in Montenegro and is famous for its soft sands and shallow waters, perfect for families with children. The beach is also a hotspot for kite surfing and other water sports.

Portonovi Beach Club 

Your base for exploring Montenegro, Portonovi Resort, also has a beach that deserves a spot on this list. Part of the exclusive resort, here you will experience a blend of natural beauty and modern luxury at this beach. The beautiful sand, glittering water, and premium amenities brought by Rockfish Restaurant and bars will provide for a perfect day at the beach. 

Montenegro’s coast offers beautiful beaches, each with a unique experience for travelers. Whether you seek luxury, adventure, or tranquility, Montenegro will not disappoint. So, pack your sunscreen and swimsuit, and get ready to explore these stunning shores.

For a host for this adventure, take a look at the Portonovi rental offer and find the perfect accommodation for your summer vacation. 

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