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October 12, 2022


Many people dream of purchasing a summer vacation home overseas. There are many reasons for it – wanting to own a holiday villa, planning to relocate for a fresh start, investing in real estate, or preparing for the future and choosing a summer place that could eventually become a beautiful home to live in when you retire. Of course, most future property owners desire somewhere with a warm, unique culture where they can come and let themselves lose.

Suppose you are also considering purchasing real estate overseas. In that case, it will probably require a bit more effort as you will need to research the country you're interested in and find the property that will delight you. Luckily, this article will provide you with all the correct information and critical insights if you want to purchase property in Portonovi



Purchasing property in Portonovi is popular, and here are some of the reasons why people find it a valuable purchase:

  • Holiday home. Many fell in love with Portonovi and Boka Bay and are mesmerized with Montenegro and the local experience. They enjoy exploring and expanding their cultural horizons, and it makes perfect sense to them to have a second home right here.


  • Relocation (either temporary or permanent). Overall, Montenegro offers an affordable living with plenty to explore and enjoy at probably a fraction of the price one would pay in countries like the UK, the USA, or even other Mediterranean countries. Many investors recognized these advantages and realized that they would get value for money while at the same time raising their living standards.


  • Investment. Portonovi is on the map of many investors who predict that it's a hot spot where prices will rise significantly. So why not take advantage of it while you can and get higher returns in the long term? Some investors also see owning a property in Portonovi as a means to diversify their current portfolio.
  • Purchase-to-rent. Many residents have also purchased a property and decided to rent it when they are not staying in it to generate an additional steady income.



Investors like to remember that Montenegro is an open, dynamic, and stable economy with beneficial tax rates and global connections. The Boka Bay, where Portonovi Resort is located, is also one of the most sought-after locations with a fantastic mild Mediterranean climate that is perfect both in summer and winter.

Decide on the property type.

Take your time and look at all options we have in Portonovi. Consider the type of property you want – a Sky Villa, a Marina Apartment, or maybe a Village Residence. Take into account your preferences and, if you have a family, also their needs. If possible, visit Portonovi in person so our team can help you view all properties. Be sure to ask lots of questions to find the perfect property for you and your family. We are confident that plenty of them will meet your criteria.


How to close the deal? 

Our team is experienced in handling all the nuances during the contracting process, so rest assured that we will accompany you step-by-step. Our contracts include all terms and conditions, and once all parties agree on the terms of the sale, we are ready to sign it and move to the next step.

The final step in buying Portonovi property is transferring ownership of the property – it includes paying any remaining balance and any taxes or fees associated with the transfer of ownership. After completing everything, you can enjoy your beautiful new home in Portonovi!

If our short guide has inspired you to purchase your new home in Portonovi, contact our Sales Team. Choose among exceptional properties - Village Residences, Marina Apartments, Sky Villas, and One & Only Private Homes. Whatever your choice, investing in Portonovi real estate will be one of the best decisions you've made. Fill out the form to register your interest or arrange an on-site viewing. 

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