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March 31, 2024

5 Main Reasons the Independent Included Portonovi in the Top 12 Captivating Sun and Sea Escapes

Recently, the UK's Independent hailed Portonovi as one of the top 12 Captivating Sun and Sea Escapes in the World, and many travelers and investors alike found that fitting. Nestled on the stunning coast of Montenegro, this luxurious haven boasts an array of features that make it a standout destination and a part of the list, including family-friendly places for vacation where you'll make memories for a lifetime or even consider moving to.

From its incredibly convenient location to a wide range of high-end amenities, here’s why Portonovi deserves every bit of its acclaim:

Unrivaled Location 

Portonovi has an enviable location on the Adriatic Coast, where the blue of the sea meets the sky in a beautiful horizon. The location not only offers breathtaking views but also provides a gateway to some of Montenegro's most iconic natural wonders, including the Bay of Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The combination of the azure waters and the charm of the surrounding mountains make Portonovi's location unparalleled.

A Golden Investment Opportunity 

Because of, and in addition to its beauty, Portonovi is quickly becoming a magnet for savvy investors. With Montenegro's rising profile as a luxury travel destination, properties here are not just vacation homes but also rather promising investments. The region's growing tourism sector, coupled with Portonovi's high-end amenities, positions it as a lucrative opportunity for those looking to invest in real estate.

A Culinary and Social Hub 

Portonovi has many impressive aspects, but the quality of restaurants and bars in Portonovi is rarely found in one place. From gourmet dining experiences that offer a blend of international cuisine with traditional food, all made of fresh ingredients, here you can enjoy incredible culinary experiences for all tastes. Chic bars will provide a delicious sunset cocktail, and Portonovi has a rich calendar filled with different kinds of fun events for all generations and tastes. These experiences are just as important as the scenic views, much to the enjoyment of all residents and visitors alike.

Interesting Recreation Options 

For the active and adventurous, Portonovi doesn't disappoint. The area itself is rich with options – from water sports to hiking and biking in the mountains. The resort itself has a gym with modern equipment, tennis courts, private and communal pools, and a state-of-the-art marina – ensuring leisure and adventure are well within reach.

Holistic Wellness Experiences at Chenot Espace Wellness Spa

Chenot Espace Spa is the crown jewel of Portonovi's wellness offer. Attracting guests from around the globe, this spa center focuses on holistic treatments and rejuvenation. With a range of tailor-made medical treatments designed to detoxify and energize, it offers a unique wellness philosophy that complements the inherent tranquility of Portonovi's setting.

The fact that the Independent included Portonovi in its list of captivating sun and sea escapes is quite an honor, but a well-deserved one. The resort masterfully combines all advantages - location, luxury, and lifestyle - into a compelling proposition for anyone seeking their own piece of paradise. Whether you're drawn to its investment potential, culinary excellence, an array of recreational activities, or world-class wellness offerings, Portonovi is a destination that promises to captivate and leave you yearning to come back as soon as you can.

Come and see for yourself! See the Portonovi rental offer and real estate offer – you will find something after your taste. 

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