Upper Village

Portonovi’s Premium Pole-Position

Upper Village: Portonovi’s Pole-Position

The Upper Village is designed to consist of a series of two-, three- and four-story buildings and townhouses with four- to six-bedroom capacities. This district is better known as Portonovi’s ‘garden suburb’ where focus is shifted from buildings to the lushly landscaped courtyards and the newly landscaped Monument Park/Garden (Italian Garden).

Portonovi’s Northern Star

Upper Village: The Singing Emerald Green Gem

The Upper will include:
• Luxury apartments, townhouses and private villas
• Multi-story underground public parking
• Supporting functions such as gyms and fitness centres, children’s club, cinema, and a
wide assortment of multipurpose areas.
• Operational buildings located towards Portonovi’s northern boundary
• Management and Sales Offices and local services and amenities, including site-wide
waste management, laundry services, and so forth.
• Medical clinic with expert staff

The Upper’s breadth is intended to replicate the Lower Village but within a looser and more relaxed density, where a variety of building sizes and heights may be observed. The district is organized around an internal network of roads. It may have its own entrance road, accessed from the main public road that runs from Portonovi’s northern points.

The design of Upper Village will embrace more fashionable elements, drawing use of its prominent position within the resort, in its effortless manner to highlight a limited number of unique villas and apartments. Where possible, all buildings will use local materials in materializing their designs.

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