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This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of Portonovi Resort team. 

Job description:

• Following of all relevant regulations related to accounting and finance areas.

• Providing application of local accounting standards.

• Monitoring changes in accounting and tax rules, implements them and ensure compliance with standards, practices and policies.

• Preparing, calculating, recording, evidencing and reporting of tax activities and reports in the company to ensure statutory and effective taxation is reached.

• Communicating with accounting and tax authorities and issuing final tax returns.

• Checking the calculation of salaries (all personnel income) and taxes and contributions to personal income.

• Preparing and submitting prescribed reports on paid personal income, taxes and contributions.

• Monitoring credits annuity and overdue credit instalments including interest rates and calculations of interest and default interest.

• Checking the calculation interest on late payments.

• Monitoring the fixed assets register and depreciation of fixed assets.

• Preparing documentation for financial institutions and bank.

• Controlling documents for cash payment.

• Controlling and monitoring import custom duties.

Education: VII level of education/qualification or higher in the field of accounting/finance

Work experience:  at least 3 years of experience on Chief Accountant position

Preferred competencies:

• Fluent in English language (spoken and written)

• Proficient in MS Office and good knowledge of relevant software and databases

• Detail and results orientation

• Ability to work with limited supervision and team player mentality

• Good organizational and risk management skills

• Ability to adhere to tight deadlines

• Flexibility and resilience