Italian for black mountain, Montenegro gleaned its reputation as a mysterious and mythical site, for poets celebrated its fabled beauty where the soft mists reveal a soft turquoise topaz skyline crowning pearly peaks and velvet emerald green hills that rolls into crystal clear sapphire waters. Abound with gems, Montenegro is a treasure chest that awaits to be unearthed.

A stunning all-season destination, Montenegro boasts two UNESCO World Heritage sights – including the prettily preserved medieval town of Kotor, where ancient cobbled streets sing sanguine songs of a distant past, and the Durmitor National Park, where slithering cerulean streams and verdant valleys meet marble mountains – and a cord of chalk-walled monasteries and churches, Perast’s pompous palaces, Budva’s beautifully bejewelled beaches encased by ageless stone houses, the untamed Tara Canyon, and alabaster alpine ski resorts of Žabljak and Kolašin may be found.

With its multifaceted features, Montenegro is an opulent opal whose many nuances glitter under the sun’s golden rays. Montenegro enjoys a longstanding culinary culture encompasses renowned vintages, weaving in a cuisine that embraces the heartlands and seas into an intricate fabric. It is no surprise that the Montenegrin enigma has kept artists, poets, and royals enchanted for several centuries.


With more than 250 days of sunshine, the swimming season stretches over 180 days. The mercury surpasses 30°C in the summers, with breezes coolly rustle curtains under the glimmering amber sun, yet delicately drops to mild and moderate winters, during which the coastline savours sunshine and averaging highs between 12°C and 16°C.


Montenegro is the home to five national parks. Lake Skadar’s glistening cobalt waters invite islets Beška and Moračnik and their solitary monasteries to join the Lake’s diverse flora and flora to bask in the sunshine. The Dinaric peaks of Lovćen proudly rise out of the edges of the Adriatic basin and draw the lingering and twisting bays of Boka Kotorska to a close, marking the hinterland to the coastal town of Kotor. Extending from the Dinaric Range’s embrace, Prokletije’s sighing summits have a long story spanning immemorial times, having borne witness to the dawn of man.

The UNESCO World Heritage site of the Durmitor National Park embellishes the collection of the world’s wonders. The Durmitor Range comprises of more than 150 peaks that surpass 2,000 metres, and among 48 of exceed this height, while it accommodates five canyons, 748 springs of pure mountain water, and 18 glacial lakes, including the enigmatic Black Lake, from which thick forests and clouds are able to admire themselves in the water’s mirror reflection.

Founded in 1878, as a gift presented to King Nikola I Petrovic-Nejogos of Montenegro by the locals in token to the effort of liberating Montenegrins from the Ottomans, the virgin forest of Biogradska Gora. The terrain’s rugged beauty is a must for the hiking aficionado!