Lower Village

Venetian Visions: Portonovi’s Beating Heart


Lower Village is the most bohemian and picturesque part of Portonovi town. The Village comprises of 103 apartments, 12 penthouses, and 4 townhouses – all of which have been built to suit every resident’s needs. Subdivided by 8 zones, with public paths carved between them, the Village accommodates 7 common and 15 private pools within each zone.

The combining elements of the Montenegrin vernacular with the complementary Mediterranean features, the result is an innovative, low-rise development that remains loyal to Boka Bay’s signature Venetian styling. Replicating the style of a Mediterranean village in Venetial style, the Village enjoys wide waterfront promenades and asymmetrical streets that entwine with stone buildings, exposing concealed piazzas and alcoves The Village echoes a relaxed atmosphere that complements the Marina, consolidating its role as Portonovi’s beating heart.

Comfortable Luxury: Mediterranean Moments


The Lower Village landscape design approach is built on an existing textured vernacular architectural elegance, emulating the Mediterranean allure. The landscape strategy adopts the voices from which the local terraced landscape characters derive, ensuring that the residents’ gardens maintain their privacy.

Inspired by vernacular architecture, stones decorate community and private cobalt pools, with each being unique in both character and scale, and enveloped by lush planting and sculptural trees.

Lower Village embraces the message ‘home is where the heart is’. Streaming waters contribute to a visual connection to the Marina, branching into the Village’s spaces.

Visitors will discover the vernacular- inspired landscape, embracing the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle as they immerse themselves in the Village garden atmosphere that is cloaked by the large and protective pine and magnolia trees.



Lower Village is Portonovi’s most private and secluded area.

Within these low-rise properties, apartments range from bright studios to large family-friendly spaces that feature balconies and terraces.

The apartments have been elegantly decorated by the celebrated Harrods Interiors.

The 103 properties come in one-, two-, and three-bedroom units. Essentials such as parking spaces have been weaved into the Village’s Venetian fabric for optimal functionality.


Lower Village Apartment - 1 Bedroom

Lower Village Apartment - 2 Bedroom

Lower Village Apartment - 3 Bedroom

Lower Village Apartment – 4 Bedroom


The townhouses are private houses that celebrate the Montenegrin vernacular with the contemporary Mediterranean pulse. These innovative low-rise developments pay homage to the Venetian styling of local historical architecture whereby contemporary features are integrated to meet the demands of modern-day life.

Amid the Village’s layout, the developments rise organically from the asymmetrical streets that weave stone houses with alcoves, piazzas, and waterfront promenades.


Lower Village - Townhouse


With comfortable luxury as its ethos, the Lower Village’s low-rise properties are ideal for penthouses.

Adding to the gorgeously delicate interior decorations by Harrods, as seen in the Village’s apartments and houses, the penthouses bathe inare a synonym for luxuryextravagance. Each penthouse boasts has a private infinity pool. 

Mirroring the diversity of Portonovi’s residents, the 12 penthouses come in a range of different sizes.

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Lower Village - 2 Bedroom Penthouse

Lower Village - 3 Bedroom Penthouse