Fishermans Wharf

Chic Urban Buzz

The 1330sqm sculpted Fisherman’s Wharf is the soul and spirit of Portonovi.

Sleekly designed by Harper Downie Architects, the Fisherman’s Wharf invites residents and visitors to enjoy the Portonovi community experience both day and night.

The aesthetic  treatment derives from the materials used, scale and the sheer intricate detailing of local traditional and historical coastal architecture. Respecting this language, these aesthetic principles are built on local architectural legacies.

Dressed stone surround rubble walls, which are decorated by terrazzo and terracotta roofs that form the grammars of the Wharf’s architectural language.

Residential parking is provided on ground floor.

Exquisite Dining and Premium Entertainment

In Fisherman’s Wharf, both residents and visitors can indulge in exquisite international dining and the Marina’s premium entertainment, aptly reflecting the cosmopolitan and multicultural present and future.

Portonovi caters gourmet lovers a balanced selection of international and local cuisine. Each restaurant will have its own character and appearance and, as all restaurants combined will be consistent with the Wharf’s aesthetic design. Alongside restaurants, other bespoke food and drinks venues and entertainment concepts will be on offer,guests will have a unique chance to enjoy a versatile offer of including fFashion Cafes, Cocktail Bars, Gellaterias, Lounges, Bars, Kiosks as well as a number of bijou shops.

A wide range of shops and retail concepts have been thoughtfully moulded and managed by the Portonovi Resort Management Company.


Sleekly designed by Harpie Downie Architects, the area allows residents to indulge in prime retail and a far-reaching range of bijou eateries.

The Wharf is ideal for the urbanites that seek the buzzing conveniences captured in artistic concepts.

The Wharf offers 22 luxury apartments, ranging from lavish studios to generous four-bedroom apartments. Balconies and terraces extend the living rooms, and parking spaces are available.

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Level plans

Fisherman's Wharf - Level Plans